The importance of the online reputation of the company:

Posted by markwahlbargg on May 16th, 2019

The new business environments have led to the management of online reputation has become a priority for companies. Knowing the challenges faced by corporations and controlling the legal risks derived from online reputation requires that they equip themselves with the resources and adequate tools to do so successfully.

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The affordable reputation management of the online reputation of the company is one of the main concerns that business managers have today due to the large amount of information that flows on the Internet.

In addition, the rise of social networks is also leading, increasingly, users are encouraged to translate their personal views about corporations, which increases the chances that a company has many judgments, positive and negative, that significantly affect their online reputation, whether for good or for bad.

Losses due to bad online reputation:

A good image on the Internet means, on average, an increase in sales of 37% through new customers. On the other hand, negative comments in the online world can generate a loss of clients between 11% and 27%. These are some of the estimates of the Guidance firm and that highlight the importance of managing online reputation in companies today.

In order to carry out an adequate online reputation management, it has to be done in three levels: "search, detect and monitor incidents to know what they say about us on the Internet or in all services on-line.

Classify and evaluate incidents to see what is relevant, in what the human team is important because it identifies which incidents are more serious and which are less; and, at a final level, resolve incidents through technical and / or legal actions.

There is no rule that establishes what online reputation is, but a kind of consensus that allows knowing what is on the Net and learn to classify it, prioritize it and influence it.

Management reputation online In this sense responsible for the Brand Monitoring, Gaming, and Clean Networks Service. Reputation management consultants support the importance of having very precise search tools that help detect those possible incidents.

Therefore, having a multidisciplinary strategy that addresses all the points that need to be controlled to properly and effectively manage the online reputation of companies seems to be gaining increasing importance in departments.

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