A Quick Guide to Concrete Grinding

Posted by Dashing Blade on May 16th, 2019

Concrete grinding is becoming an increasingly popular activity in the construction projects. But, what it is exactly and how to ground a concrete are some of the questions that people often ask. Let us know the importance of this grinding what exactly it entails, what all tools are used, what are the safety precautions that need to be taken.

What is Concrete Grinding?

It is the process of removing the ridges, loose materials, contaminants from the sub floor surface by using a specially-designed grinding machine. Once these imperfections are removed, you can do with the overall cost in preparing floors before covering them. In addition to that, you can achieve a smooth enough surface to let vinyl or carpet be laden on the top. A cement-based skim coat is not needed.

Types of the Grinders Needed:

Grinders are available in a wide variety of sizes and types. The choice of a grinder depends on the size of the job that needs to be done and the types of materials to be removed also. Diamond Grinding Cups For Concrete is one of the commonly used grinders in the construction projects.

If there are corners or tighter areas, you would need hand-held grinders.  These are the specialized grinders and unlike the normally used angle grinders they have extraction hose and dust shroud. The users should make use of these attachments when a lot of dust gets generated.

What is Diamond Tooling?

The tool that comes into the contact with the concrete surface of the floors is a set of diamond abrasives. This material is used because it is the hardest material found on earth. These abrasives are made by mixing together synthetic diamond grit with a binding agent made up of resin or metals. This creates a resin bond segment.

Smoothness of the grinding can be determined by the coarseness and finesse of the diamond grits. There are smaller grit sizes that can produce finer scratch patterns that enhance the life of segment. There are larger grit sizes as well that can generate a rough scratch pattern.

Life of the segments depends on the strength of bonds. There are hard bonds that take a longer tome to wear and hence diamond grit is not exposed for years. A softer surface on the other hand wears out quickly. A number of diamond segments found on each grinder header determines the over and all quality of finish. When there are a lot of grinders on the same header, you would get a smoother result.

The number of diamond segments found on each grinder header will also determine the quality of the finish. Where there are many grinders on the same header, the result is usually smoother.Diamond cup grinding wheel is used for a finer finish.

For tiles cutting/installation other types of cutting equipment are used.

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