How to choose the right broadband connection for Hosted PBX

Posted by michelle Davis on May 16th, 2019

Summary: - Having a high speed broadband connection is essential for a hosted PBX system in your office. Here is all that you need to know regarding choosing the right broadband connection for Hosted PBX.

Hosted PBX was introduced as replacement technology for the original PBX phone systems and business phone lines in order to make such transactions easier by shifting the physical systems usually installed in the business premise to the internet with secure and easy access. In terms of functionality it fairs quite well but one thing that can make your experience with this technology an unhappy one is a poor broadband service so here are a few ways you can make sure you choose what’s best for your needs!

  1. Broadband Latency

Latency refers to the time taken by data to travel across the broadband network meaning that low latency is required for an interference free making of phone calls. Although most broadband services offer low latency it’s important to ensure it.

  1. Broadband Capacity

You need at least a 100Kbps bandwidth from your broadband connection available at all times in order to ensure interference free phone calls. For a requirement of ten outside telephone lines, you will have to have a broadband connection that can at least have 1MB available for both its downloading and uploading capacity.

  1. Local Network

If your broadband connection will be shared for other internet usage, you’ll have to choose a suitable router. The router will help in the prioritising telephone traffic over other traffic.

  1. Types of Broadband Services

  • Business ADSL2+

You can expect 10Mbps as the minimum download speed and a minimum upload speed of 0.6Mbps. If your internet usage is going to have traffic aside from phone calls then more than two virtual PBX phone lines would not be recommended. If there’s only phone traffic than you can use as many as 6 phone calls continuously.

  • Fibre broadband

Offering a huge bandwidth usually only limited by the budget and ultra-low latency, it’s the ideal connection for a hosted PBX system with symmetrical download and upload speeds. It is ideal for both data as well as voice traffic.

  • Mid Band Ethernet

With same upload and download speed, the bandwidth can be adjusted as per the requirement being able to hold both voice as well as data traffic depending on the bandwidth. Up to thirty outside phone lines can be easily accommodated in such a broadband.

If you’re looking for broadband for businesses in UK, trusty brands such as Vodafone or Uniplus Telecom Limited offer good quality at reasonable prices. Business broadband services in UK are plenty and widely available so you may wish to do your own little bit of research before entering the market to determine what exactly it is that you need.

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