Tips for Getting Ready for an Endoscopy

Posted by drvikassingla on May 16th, 2019

Endoscopy is quite a common medical procedure that is prescribed for the purpose of taking a look inside the body of the patients. In this procedure, a device referred to as the endoscope is used to properly examine certain internal organs of the human body. People should try to consult the best Endoscopist in Delhi and other urban hubs when prescribed this medical procedure, in order to make sure that it is conducted in an extremely safe fashion.  

While doctors usually give specific instructions to their patients about how to prepare for an endoscopic procedure, here are a few common tips they can follow to make sure that they are absolutely ready for it:

  •  Discuss medical conditions or problems: It is imperative for people to let their doctor know about any health condition that they may be suffering from. Women should also inform the doctor if they are pregnant. This information can assist the doctors to take any necessary precautions and perform the procedure in the safest manner possible.
  •  Mention medications and allergies: People should also let their doctors know about any allergies that they may have, as well as any prescription and over-the-counter medications that they may be taking. In certain scenarios, the doctors might change the dosage of various medications or even advice the patients to stop taking them before an endoscopic procedure.  The reason behind this being that certain medications can augment the risk of bleeding during endoscopy. Some of the medications that must be avoided include:

             ➤ Anti-inflammatory medications

             ➤ Warfarin (coumadin)

             ➤ Heparin

             ➤ Aspirin

             ➤ Any blood thinners

Any medication that causes drowsiness can additionally interfere with the sedatives given during the endoscopy. Anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications can also affect the response to the sedatives.

  •  Arrange for a ride home: Most patients are given a sedative or anesthesia during an endoscopy in order to help them relax. Hence, they should not drive right after this procedure as these drugs can make them feel drowsy. It is prudent if they ask someone else to pick them up from the hospital and drive them home.
  •  Don’t eat or drink: The patients should ideally not eat or drink anything after the midnight from the night before the endoscopy. This includes gum and mints as well. However, in case the patients are scheduled to have this procedure somewhere near the afternoon, they can have clear liquids up to six hours before the endoscopy. Clear liquids include:

          ➤ Water

          ➤ Coffee without cream or milk

          ➤ Apple juice

          ➤ Clear soda

          ➤ Broth

Drinking anything red or orange should be avoided.

  •  Dress comfortably: Even though the patients would be given medication to relax orderly during the procedure, an endoscopy can still cause a bit of discomfort. People should try to wear comfortable clothing while going for the procedure and avoid wearing jewellery as well.
  •  Plan for time to recover: In certain cases, patients might have to deal with a bit of discomfort after this procedure, and the medications related to it also may take a while to wear off. They should plan to take a day or two off from keeping these factors in mind.

People can contact any renowned endoscopist in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or any other major city at once in order to go for this procedure.

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