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Posted by MnKali on May 16th, 2019

The martial arts expert Bruce Lee's ultimate goal was to transcend style and "conventional" human limitation, yet there was still a very distinct and tangible, albeit evolving, methodology. Jeet Kune Do involves the subtle differences in tactics, drills, and techniques between the underlying principles and core biomechanical structure that are essentially similar with other martial arts. Bruce Lee taught physical, concrete techniques and strategies and called them Jeet Kune Do. Bruce Lee himself has referred to his martial art as though it were a quantifiable thing distinctly different from other martial arts, yet tangible and teachable -- a style.

You will be surprised to know that Bruce Lee taught his private students different things to suit their individual strengths and diminish their weaknesses, but the foundation of his approach, and the unique "flavour" he added, was the equivalent and very distinctive. Currently you will find different schools and classes teaching martial arts to the students with the goal to transcend style and limitation.

Choose a class that imparts authentic training to your child as Bruce Lee was heavily influenced by Taoist philosophy which incorporated a great deal of what appears to be contradiction and opposition within a thread of unification and oneness. Jeet Kun Do also contains this element. In the ever changing world the martial arts training is still alive and is a monumental starting point for self-exploration in the martial arts. Look for Jeet Kune Do training that is as historically accurate as possible yet personally tailored to individual students for maximal growth. How does one learn the style of no style? Aspiring students can learn authentic Jeet Kune Do as taught by the founder Bruce Lee. Develop confidence and fitness through efficient, reality based self-defence techniques combined with powerful bodyweight strength and flexibility training.

Boxing Minneapolis is a sport that requires getting into the ring or cage and competing, although not everyone training will do so. The training involves a lot of sparring and partner work drilling skills that are designed to knockout or submit the other person and get the win. Many of these are directly conveyable to self defence applications yet the nature of the training is possibly more important. The full contact and competing allow students to develop self-defence spirit and a never say die attitude which are vital.

The Minnesota Kali Group is founded by Rick Faye who is dedicated to the highest levels of training and individual improvement in the martial arts. In addition to being the owner and head instructor of MKG, Rick is the head of an instructor development organization, MKG International. For more details please visit our website here: mnkali.com.

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