Kempty Falls In Mussoorie Bask In The Beauty Of Nature

Posted by Payal Mathur on May 16th, 2019

Mussoorie is one of the most romantic and beautiful sightseeing spots around in the province of India. The combination of the thrill from the adventure and the natural beauty is what binds and brings everything together. If you are here wondering about making a quick trip to this riveting spot, make sure that the Kempty Falls make a mark in your itinerary. These falls are more than just an experience, the beauty surrounding the place is unlike anything else that you can ever witness around.

In here, we are going to be walking you through every last detail that you need to know about the Kempty Falls in Mussoorie.

Know a little more

The Kempty Falls is situated around 15 km away from Mussoorie on the Yumontri Road. The place is one of the most popular tourist spots around in the city, if not the most.

While Mussoorie does experience over lakhs and lakhs of people visiting this place every year, this world-renowned hill station is loved for all the right reasons and the Kempty Falls is definitely one of them.

When it comes to how to get there, the process isn’t that complicated at all. If you are visiting from the Jolly Grant Airport, know that the place is just 69 km away from there. But, for the tourists visiting the railway station, it is just 45 km away.

Getting and finding your way around the place isn’t rocket science. The best way to reach the Kempty falls is to get a cab from either the airport or the railway station, whatever fits you the best.

Make sure to bargain your way through the fare because the cab drivers might often end up charging unnecessarily.

What can you do there?

Coming down to the next topic of discussion is what are the things that one can indulge in while visiting the Kempty falls.

  1. The basic thing and activity that the majority of the tourists do tell to indulge in are to simply walk around and relinquish in the beauty of nature.

  2. The beauty of the place does demand you to take photographs and that is something you would be a fool to miss out on. Take your camera out and snap your heart through and capture the moments that you need to find in your memory album.

  3. There is also a water park at the base of the waterfall that is also a must visit while you are there. Ensure that you visit during the time when the rush is low so you don’t feel crowded around in the place.

  4. If you plan to visit with your family, a picnic around the place sounds just as enticing. Pack some picnic essentials and just enjoy the view and the weather that the place has to offer.

Know about the miscellaneous information

Coming on to some other additional information that might come in handy for you while visiting Mussoorie and the Kempty falls.

If you ask any of the expats or even the people who have visited before, everyone would definitely suggest visiting during the summer months. If you are planning ahead, make sure to visit during the months between April and June for that amazing experience altogether.

The temperature during the time varies between 13-22 degrees which is a lot favorable and amazing to visit.

The waterfalls are open to public visiting and viewing and don’t need for you to spend any extra money. The ropeway and the amusement park will require extra payments but other than that, it is completely free.

Additional places to explore in Mussoorie

Since the Kempty falls don’t take a whole lot of time to explore, it is always best to keep some more options up your sleeve when planning your itinerary.

Let us take a look at some of the additional tourist spots that you can visit while in Mussoorie.

  1. Jharipani Falls

This is yet another one of the falls that fit perfectly for the nature lovers. Not only is the view breathtaking, but the trek is also just as amazing. Plan a trek and even arrange for a picnic once you reach there.

  1. Mossy falls

The Mossy falls are nestled deep inside the dense forest and account for yet another one of the beautiful sightseeing spots in Mussoorie. It is situated just 7 km away from the Bala Hisar route and the compilation of the beautiful and peaceful surroundings is what makes this a must visit.

  1. Bhatta Falls

Last but not the least of the falls to visit in Mussoorie is the Bhatta Falls. It is secluded from the painful crunches of the commercialization, making it a very beautiful spot to visit and witness. This is one of the most love spots by enthusiastic photographers because of the surrounding spots around.

Talking about the Kempty falls, it is not surprising that Mussoorie is popular for its plethora of waterfalls. While planning your itinerary, make sure this one peaks the list and is one of the very first things you indulge in.

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