When you’re Serving Guests a Treat, Serve It in Style

Posted by menucover on May 16th, 2019

Nowadays, the design of catering establishments is a very important part of the restaurant business. The arrangement of the elements and the decoration of the premises is the first thing that the clients fix when they arrive at the restaurant: the location and design of the furniture, the clothes of the waiters, the lighting of the room, etc. They offer the first impression of the place where we are.

 Then, after being accommodated at our table by the waiter, we find the menu offered by the waiter in a menu cover. It really is about the first contact with the dishes that we will be able to taste in the restaurant.


For this reason it is of vital importance that the menu as well as the cover received by our clients is at the level of the rest of the experience they will have. That is to say, there must be a pattern of continuity between everything that surrounds our customers: decoration of the premises (furniture, crockery, staff costumes, etc.), the list of the dishes and drinks that we serve, of course the food that goes to taste.

Knowing the work and effort involved in opening each day and offering the most, at Menu Cover we offer a professional and technical team with experience in printing, designing and personalizing works for the hotel industry.

We have printing machinery for restaurant menus that allows us to offer works with really incredible and fully customized finishes at very competitive prices whether small or large quantities.


Design at the table: Custom menu covers

Customizing is making a difference. The most fashionable restaurants in the world are famous for the unique experience they offer the client in every way, not only in the quality and preparation of their food, but also in the presentation of the menu.

A creative and original menu is one of the most striking and commented elements of a restaurant. That is why the creation of personalized menu covers that go with the image of the brand and transmit its history and personality should be considered in the design.

Currently in the market we can find from the most economic menu covers, such as vinyl, to the most expensive hardcover and exotic materials. The establishments attract some of the richest people in the world who expect all the details of the restaurant from the knobs on the doors at the entrance, to the personalized menu, of course to be truly world class.

Custom menu cover

Customizing a menu can be a bit expensive but everything will go hand in hand with what you want to communicate as a brand and according to the style of your restaurant.

When it comes to personalizing a menu we can choose to save, but we should not skimp on quality. The key is that the restaurant must communicate its brand, its own seal, from the one that attends the entrance to the one that answers the telephone. The presentation of the menu is not the exception. It is the first contact of the client with the culinary offer of the restaurant before the staff makes empathy with the diner.


We should not limit ourselves only to "catch and leave" what is fashionable in the market, but work with our brand identity and graphic line.

Genuine leather combined with wood or another type of recyclable material remains the most demanded materials for offering elegant and ecologically friendly solutions. And if it's about colors, sizes and materials that are in vogue, do not forget that the world is visual and you have to stand out, let them tell the chosen details with subtlety.

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