What is UX Design? Is it good for SEO?

Posted by Yuhan on May 16th, 2019

If you are a web designer or an SEO Specialist, you probably heard of UX Design. But what exactly is UX Design? How to achieve a perfect user experience? How does it help in search engine optimization? And a whole lot of questions you might have in that regard.

What is UX Design?

User Experience (UX) design refers to the experience and interactions a user has when using a product, service or environment. UX is everywhere and is not a new concept. It can be anything from your satellite television remote control to complex web applications. It is meant to improve the user's experience when using a product. UX design simply means crafting the usability of a product in such a way that it becomes easy, intuitive and fast to improve a user's experience.

Lately, we have been seeing conferences about UX, its digital applications and how it is changing the game from an SEO perspective. Designing with UX in mind has several benefits as it quickly directs a user to his destination which helps decrease bounce rates and improve conversions.

Think about your favorite website. You don't even have to visit the website to know where everything is. If you are an apple user, you'll surely relate to its website. I take this opportunity to shoutout the guys at WP Engine for one of the best UX I've seen yet. Every time I log in, I know exactly where everything is. 

People expect websites to load in less than 2 seconds, expect beautiful design and a safe website whether they come from search engines, social media or a referral link. When you make use of UX design for your website, people have good a good experience, stay longer and eventually return to your website. 

Whichever environment you intend to apply UX design, there are always three important concepts:

  1. Emotions - How do you want your users to feel during the interaction. Try to fill your product, service or environment with positive emotions such as awe, interest, and trust.
  2. Stability - Good UX is like your grandpa's old tools. They get the job done. So work on a stable environment for your users. If you are doing e-commerce, this becomes even more important.
  3. Usability - This is the core component of any UX design. Make your users click less to reach their destination. Use AI to assist your users inside your environment. And make it fun to use.

UX Design and SEO

SEO professionals are servants of two masters: 

  1. Users (human)
  2. Search engines

Many small businesses or even larger firms don't have the luxury of focusing on SEO and UX at the same time. Business owners want to reach the top of Google but often forget about users. The thing is; Google clearly states:

"Focus on the user and all else will follow" 

That is partly true if you ask for my opinion. Sure, search engines use the HEART Framework and special UX metrics to rate content but UX cannot carry the weight of a complete SEO strategy. I think you need both because SEO and UX have several similarities which often intersect in a web environment. That's why I do both!

Yuhan - International SEO Specialist Hello, thank you for reading and sharing this article. My name is Yuhan, I am an international SEO consultant and passionate UXer. You can read more about me on my Uberant profile or by visiting my blog. 

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