4 Things that Self-Defense Experts Want You to Know

Posted by Radmin on May 17th, 2019

Self-defense classes are great tools for teaching women how to avoid dangerous scenarios and escape from real-life, everyday dangers, like being harassed when walking to your car.

Self-defense techniques like Krav Maga are so successful and effective that they are now being taught worldwide, and you can likely sign up for these women's self defense classes in your area.

However, it's important to know what self-defense classes teach you, and what they don't; what they do recommend and don't; and what self-defense is and isn't. A proper mindset is essential for staying safe.

Here are 4 things that real self-defense experts want new students of practices like Krav Maga to know before they start their training.

Self-Defense Is About Preventing, Not Starting, Violence

Self-defense classes like Krav Maga don't encourage you to start fights, attack verbal harassers, or show off. You will learn techniques for defending yourself when someone is physically aggressive toward you. You will not learn how to go out in public and be a danger to others, even if you think you're acting virtuously.

Self-Defense Doesn't Make You the Police

Don't try to go vigilante on real world criminals. No amount of self-defense training will make you a replacement for emergency services like the police, fire fighters, or paramedics. There may be cases where your attempts to intervene in a dangerous scenario can get you or other people very hurt.

Confidence and Awareness Are Key

Many crime experts attest that violent criminals often attack people who seem like easy targets. This doesn't always mean people who look physically fragile. Rather, they'll attack people who seem lost, unaware, or distracted. Some self-defense techniques teach you how to avoid being in a physical confrontation altogether, and often that means acting confident and aware. This head-up, alert body language can deter criminals who are looking to attack or steal from an easy target.

Deescalating Violence Can Save Your Life

Self-defense classes can teach you what to do when others turn violent, but it's also important to know how to deescalate conflict. This often means trying to talk down an aggressor, or walking away from someone trying to instigate a fight with you. Remember that the best way to get through the day safely is to avoid violence altogether. Sign up for self-defense classes like Krav Maga if you want to learn how to defense yourself when violence comes to you.

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