Introduction To Traxxas Nitro Cars and Trucks

Posted by RB Innovations on May 17th, 2019

Traxxas is one of the biggest and most well-known companies in all of RC racing. They have an impressive list of accomplishments that has been ever increasing since the company started in 1986. They were the first company to produce high quality, competitive RC cars that came pre-assembled and ready to run. Nowadays, RTR is a commonly used term in the RC community, and it was coined by Traxxas way back in the late 80's. They would go on to create the first RTR RC boat, then the first RTR nitro truck, then the first RTR nitro boat (which was also the first nitro boat with a clutch). In 1999 they unveiled the Traxxas T-maxx, which among other things was the first nitro RC car with a true forward/reverse transmission.

For the past four years, Traxxas have been the number one selling company in the worlds of RTR electric and nitro RC vehicles. Traxxas are the original manufacturers of RTR RC vehicles, and continue to produce some of the most competitive and affordably priced vehicles in the category.

One of the newest and most exciting products from Traxxas is the Slayer Pro 4X4. This short-course nitro racing truck has recently been redesigned and now has an even larger wheelbase, coming in at 26mm wider and 30mm wider than the original Slayer for an impressive total wheelbase of 14 inches long. This is a 4WD vehicle with the extremely powerful TRX 3.3 racing engine that features the Traxxas EZ-Start electronic starting system. It can reach speeds of over 50mph right out of the box and is simple to control with its 2.4Ghz remote. The remote features the revolutionary Traxxas Link system that uses no channels and no crystals. It is fully programmable for settings like steering, braking and throttle sensitivity.

Those looking for a hardy monster truck will love the Traxxas Stampede VXL. The Stampede is one of the most popular products from Traxxas and is available in many different variations. This particular model is the electric, non-4X4 version. It takes the classic Stampede formula and adds the raw power of the Velineon Brushless Power System. This allows the truck to reach speeds of over 65mph. The Velineon system is one of the simplest brushless systems on the market and allows the user to simply plug in and start ripping. It also accepts and extremely wide range of batteries, including the new 3-cell LiPo packs. The Stampede VXL is also completely waterproof so mud, rain, sleet or snow will not stop this beast. It uses the same remote as the Slayer Pro, and the remote is actually programmable for up to 20 different vehicles so all of the user's settings can be stored in one remote.

Traxxas produces quite a few models that are officially licensed by the Ford Motor Company. These include Ken Block's Ford Fiesta, an F-150 Raptor and the Mustang Boss 302. This is a 1:16 scale electric RC car with a licensed body that replicates the real Mustang Boss 302. It is equipped with a Velineon 380 brushless motor that allows the car to reach speeds of over 30mph stock, and over 50mph with a few basic upgrades. The servo is also sealed in waterproof housing to prevent any nasty accidents. Rocker actuated coil-over shocks and full-time 4WD are featured on this car as well, and it makes an excellent machine for perfecting those power slides.

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