What’s the Difference Between Synthetic and Organic Mattresses?

Posted by TheOrganicMattressStore on May 17th, 2019


Bedding materials vary widely, but among them, natural latex and latex alternatives (synthetic blends) are a popular choice among consumers and for good reason. This is because latex provides superior comfort and relief from common sleeping woes like pressure points, spinal misalignments, and usual sleeping pains and aches. Latex foams also come in different firmness levels, which make them all the more appealing to all kinds of sleepers. If latex is your bedding of choice, knowing the difference between different kinds of foam products is a good idea, so you can make sure that you are getting the right type for your needs. Natural versus synthetic is the usual debate when it comes to choosing between latex mattresses. Florida organic mattress manufacturers and distributors insist upon natural options as they are deemed healthier, but how exactly do synthetic and organic mattresses differ?

It all comes down to their composition, which affects everything from the foam’s comfort level to its effects on health. Synthetic alternatives are typically made out of SBR or styrene butadiene rubber. These synthetic materials mimic the properties of natural latex and they offer some superior properties like resistance to abrasion, heat aging, and softening. These properties make them more durable than natural options and afford them a wider array of firmness levels as synthetic production enables more control over certain processes. Synthetic latex is also less expensive than organic options. The big tradeoff with synthetic foam products, however, is that they are not as environmentally friendly as other mattress options. This is mainly because synthetic materials use harmful chemicals quite heavily, as opposed to Florida organic mattress options such as natural latex, which steer clear of toxic chemicals during processing.

Natural latex uses natural, biodegradable ingredients processed in the most organic and natural way to avoid the high levels of harmful chemicals that synthetic options contain. Natural latex likewise involves multiple washing cycles, which results in a hypoallergenic product. Organic latex mattresses are usually preferred by those who want the superior contour of latex, but are not as fond of the sinkable quality of synthetic memory foam products.In the end, stick with either Guatamalan, Sri Lankan, or Maylasian natural Dunlop latex (rubber)

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