lean construction

Posted by zemesangel on May 17th, 2019

lean construction

Welcome to our Infra pioneer group. We are a leader in energy and infrastructure construction with a reputation for reliability and performance.

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Infraconstruction industry has been long overdue in lack of R&D. Making construction better, leaner and cheaper is only way forward. Also compared to other industries it is low hanging fruit for innovative personnel, let’s make the change happen!

Future Infrastructure
Nowadays, I often hear people talk about making Future Infrastructure workflow efficient and cheaper. They often praise digital tools and machines as god sent avatars, that will help us make +30% savings. They are maybe right, but somehow, this elusive golden fish called savings still slips us each time. Governments, construction companies and consultants, all try in their own ways to cut costs, but haven’t yet been able to catch that elusive fish.

On closer inspection, I see, that it is not that we are not trying hard enough, but rather that our enemy is much smarter than us. And this realization is not something new; we realized this some 20 years ago, and it led us into changing our strategy. We realized, that to catch that elusive fish, we must have smarter weapons. And therefore, along these years we built IFC’s and BIM to assist us in our catch. Today when we have them, we face another problem – teaching people to trust in those weapons.

Reason That Stops People Involved In Future Infrastructure
The one reason that stops people involved in Future Infrastructure, especially municipality, from trusting in BIM is because investment in BIM doesn’t pay back immediately. Therefore, they choose to cut costs using old immediate but harmful methods, like choosing the lowest bidder for a project, even though he presents inferior designs and surveys. They also resort to hiring fewer people in their offices, and instead choose to outsource inferior quality work.

This has led to construction companies building the worst quality designs in our cities, and has in turn increased costs involved in maintenance exponentially. And because the municipality is anyway low on funds, this extra cost adds up as debt, pressurizing the municipality even more.

This is where we need to teach people to trust our new weapon (BIM). And our chief target amongst them is the municipality.

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