The New kid on the block: “YOYO HONEY SONGS TO DIVINE”

Posted by sharviahuja07 on May 17th, 2019

You always feel excited when you experience something new and for me the latest Bollywood songs of the film “Gully boy” was like fresh air in this polluted environment after watching a film my excitement was not easy to contain. Earlier yo yo honey Singh songs were my only interaction with hip hop but after watching this movie I could not resist listening to all the available music and listen to all songs online, download songs of almost every Indian rappers and searched about every aspect of this genre of music.

It is still a matter of wonder why the music that gave ghettos a voice was late to reach India. Maybe, we were so deeply ‘classicized’ in the concept of music. Hip-hop music is a political tip to toe and it requires another sense of artistic pleasure and purpose to accept and embrace it. However, India is getting it, given the sensation different Hip Hop groups have created here. The stream is still in its infancy; however myriad themes and styles to give it an unparalleled novelty. The scenario in the country generally comes under the ‘underground Hip-Hop’ which is non-commercial, independent and socially conscious. The spirit is the same and true to the core, it reflects the voice of the oppressed just like the original one in the 1970s did. It is different from Rap music, which shares the same spirit and essence, in the style of presentation and musical treatment. Hip-Hop is more musical, orchestrated, foot-tapping and rhythmic and the songs deal with socially relevant issues. You may excuse sweet nothings for a while, please. No wonder Mumbai was the perfect spot of Hip Hop with Naezy, M.C. Mawali, Divine, and Mumbai’s Finest going all local, smooth-tongued about the city’s angst. The less-privileged sons and daughters of the ‘other Mumbai’ identify with the music easier. Naezy flays government inaction over farmer suicide in drought-hit Maharashtra in the Marathi language makes it easy for him to connect with the target audience. Hip Hop Tamizha, a Tamil-nadu based group, was instrumental in molding the Jallikattu protests in Marina Beach in Chennai as one of the largest mass protests that the nation has ever seen. Chand a Shetty, the Kannada rapper, is known for his emotionally loaded compositions. Another Kannada rapper Alok Babu aka Allok was part of Karnataka’s first hip-hop band. True to its ethos, the Hip Hop Homeland Northeast is a collaboration of rappers across the North-East states, which are almost invisible in India’s cultural map.

There are many hip-hoppers who prefer rendering in the vernacular as they address “the masses”. The Indianization is happening in the speed of lightning where “the young who want to be heard” make their political positions audible. YouTube opens up infinite avenues before them as they don’t need the mercy of recording studios or music producers to express themselves. A cheaper business and a costly cause!

If anything makes Hip-Hop more popular in India, it will be its localization in terms of contexts and language. It is curious to see how youngsters take to social themes and talk ‘politics’ even when they think they are not part of its larger entity. The medium creates an urge within them to say something, to react, to protest and to strike. You won’t succeed in the medium if you don’t have a strong message to convey. There is a limit to the music can save you here. More Desi themes, more local charm, more daring concepts. Hip-Hop is all set to re-emerge decades after it almost died out where it was originally born. We as a fan of this kind of music will get a new perspective about hip hop music

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