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Posted by Maplestory2M on May 17th, 2019

Blade Soul are Blade and Soul Revolution gold hot and pleasant.I consider that dramatic opening order, and how I've played it over and over again on different characters and never got tired. I think about jump twisting through the air, launching them in the sky to bring them back down.I think about Ronsul, my best NPC friend.I have all of these happy memories of

this game. I am happy I played it. I don't have to play it. Contemplate, if you will, the best cake. You are at somebody's house or a restaurant or even one of those newfangled caketrains that do exist but should, and you discover a piece of near-perfection. Just the ideal amount of frosting, rich but not overly rich, moist but not wet--it is

the kind of cake that your mouth was made to eat. It satisfies the cake section of your soul.You could keep eating the cake, slice after slice, until you start feeling a little sick and chewing gum becomes a job. Or you could enjoy that small slice, remember it fondly and know that should you ever need another taste it is out there

somewhere, hopefully not climbing mold.I've had my BNS Revolution gold slice of Blade & Soul, also for the most part it was yummy. You should try some.I would say the problem is having group content that is meaningful rather than something arbitrarily added to make a grind such as in B&S. In FFXIV, you need to complete the group dungeon to keep

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