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Posted by Melda Research on May 17th, 2019

What do you think are some of the main things that contribute to slowing disk performance?

The main things that cause slow disk performance include low disk space, fragmentation, internal problems with the storage array, when you have virtual machines sending more throughputs to the storage that is supported by the configuration, and when the workload is too high thereby making the array unable to process the data fast enough.

How might you address these issues?

To address the issue of low-disk space, offload the computer of any unnecessary files. The issue of fragmentation can be resolved in two ways; wait until it happens and then use defragmentation, or fragmentation can be prevented before it can have a chance of slowing down the disk performance. For the issue about the storage array, array-side improvements should be considered to increase the throughput. For the issue of virtual machines sending more throughputs, the storage VMotion can be used to migrate the I/O-intensive virtual machines several a number of hosts.  In the case of resource-intensive virtual machines, the PC’s physical disk drive should be separated from the drive having the system page file.

In a few sentences, share your favorite trick and describe the steps you use or would use to help solve disk performance issues

There are several tricks I would use to solve disk performance issues. For one, I will remove spyware if any and try to protect my computer from viruses. The next thing to do is to free up disk space. The disk cleanup tool can help free up the space on the hard disk to improve the computer’s performance. The next step is to speed up access to data via defragmenting the disk using the Disk Defragmenter, a windows utility that consolidates all fragmented files and folders so that each occupies its space on the disk.  Fourth, I will detect and repair any disk errors by running the Error Checking tool. The tool scans the hard drive to identify bad sectors. It also scans the file system errors to determine if there are files or folders that are misplaced.  

Is there a tool you like to use that comes with the operating system, or do you prefer the one you found on the web?

I will prefer to use a tool that comes with the operating system because the tools on the Web may not be very reliable.  I will use a tool such as the Microsoft Security Essentials to remove spyware and take advantage of the tool’s automatic updates that help to keep the system protected from any emerging threats (Sergeevich & Vladimirovich, 2015).


Sergeevich, S. D., & Vladimirovich, T. O. (2015). Virus detection backdoor in Microsoft security essentials. International Information Institute (Tokyo). Information, 18(6 (A)), 2513.

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