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Cut wpc board | China wpc board

Posted by jeanwpcdecking on May 17th, 2019

we know Plastic wood  decking can be cut by using ordinary woodworking machinery.When wood plastic products are cut or drilled,Alloy saw blades and bits are recommended,because More convenient and flexible in cutting.

in Factory, we Cut single pieces to length using any standard Profile cutting machine,The saw blade must be sharp.

we can cut the wpc board to be 2.2m/PC, 2.9m/pc,3m/pc,5.4m/PC.etc.

how to cut wpc board

Choosing the best saw blade for your composite deck build can help you save time and money.

when we install the composite decking board , we need a Portable cutting machine.

cut wpc board

It is said that there is a  wood plastic composite flooring in the flooring market, which is very popular because the material of the flooring is very environmentally friendly and will not harm the human body.

Especially suitable for decoration materials, in life. Some experts assert that the future plastic wood composite flooring will replace solid wood flooring, become a new trend in the flooring industry. Plastic wood composite flooring is mainly composed of wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose) as the basic materials, thermoplastic polymer materials (PE plastics) and processing aids, etc. High-tech green and environment-friendly materials, which are made by heating and extruding with die equipment, have the properties and characteristics of wood and plastics, which can replace the new environmental protection high-tech materials of wood and plastics.

Plastic wood composite floor performance

1. Plastic wood composite flooring has the s

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