Frequent mistakes that we make when we are going to get a tooth

Posted by Kanehoward on May 18th, 2019

One of the great headaches that practically all adults go through anywhere in the world is all that comes with the so-called wisdom teeth. We tell you 10 frequent mistakes that we make when we are going for TX Wisdom Teeth Extraction.


  1. Do not tell the dentist about all of our medical history. The first thing you should do before going for a TX Wisdom Tooth Extraction is to tell your dentist if you have any health problems or if you are taking any medication.

If you are diabetic, it is very important that you mention it to the dentist, since you must take certain precautions when performing the procedure to remove the piece; Remember that you will need to go through a healing process and if you have sugar problems, it could get complicated.

Similarly, if you have problems with pressure, they should stabilize before putting you in the hands of the dentist and if you take a medication that makes the blood lighter, you should stop taking it several days before to avoid bleeding.

  1. Bacteria must be controlled in advance. Removing Wisdom Teeth is more complicated than you think and it's not just about sitting in the dentist's chair to do his job.

It is likely that the doctor will prescribe, a few days before, special medications or that you perform a deep dental cleaning in order to eradicate as many bacteria as possible that inhabit your mouth, which could trigger various infections.

  1. That the nerves do not dominate you. It is true that many people experience tremendous panic every time they sit in front of the dentist and open their mouths to start the review. The nerves are increased by a thousand if we think that they will have to Wisdom Teeth Extraction Houston.

The best thing is that you sleep well one day before the operation and follow the recommendations of the dentist to the letter. If you get too tense, you may experience dizziness, hyperventilation, tachycardia and even some fainting due to excessive lowering of glucose levels.

  1. Drink alcohol and smoke early. Once the Wisdom Teeth Extraction Houston TX process is over, there are those who believe that after a couple of days, they can return to their normal routine, when certain restrictions still need to be followed in what we eat and drink.

In case you did not know, it is forbidden to drink alcohol, as well as smoke, during the first three weeks after surgery. Dentists prescribe various medications for pain and healing, which are eliminated by the liver and if you drink alcoholic beverages.

  1. Control the bleeding. At the end of the Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Houston, the dentist will give you a piece of gauze so that you place it precisely on the wound and chew it, at least, for half an hour.

Some people consider that 30 minutes is too long and do not follow the instructions to the letter after Wisdom Teeth Houston: perhaps notice that little blood springs, but the situation can be reversed in a few minutes and present a hemorrhage that will make you return immediately to the dentist to control it .

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