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Posted by preform nicole on May 20th, 2019

    The application of Pet Preform Mould is relatively high in the packaging of food, because it is odorless and belongs to a kind of material. Food as an entrance, food, as a mass consumer, is to pay attention to its quality problems, food in the air to prevent too long, it will cause deterioration, and wrapped with PET preform material, can start To the role of protection, because PET can block ultraviolet light, has the ability to block water, oil, air, etc., in general, its permeability to gas and water vapor is relatively low.

    Moreover, its physical role is relatively stable, with oil and corrosion resistance, folding resistance is also very good, high temperature resistance is strong, so these have laid a material for food protection, PET can not only be used for food Packaging, also used as a material for PET preforms, this principle is the same as food, with excellent conditions such as high temperature resistance, UV resistance, and air isolation, making it an important part of processing. Because of these properties, we can completely rest assured that the PET preform is completely harmless to our health, and there is no need to worry about the deterioration of the product due to high temperature.

    Welcome to contact Jilian Plastic Mould, we are a professional Pet Preform Manufacturers, can bring you safe and secure pet products, no matter what your needs, just come to us to leave a message, we can To provide you with the perfect solution.

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