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Posted by broderies montreal on May 20th, 2019

Being stylish is what everyone wants, its either in their house or even on the clothes you wear. There are designs that can be put in any clothing, like in caps, socks, shirts, jackets, pants and even dresses. To make it more stand out there are designs that you can put in your clothing by having patches. But it is more unique if you have custom embroidered patches.

What are patches?

When you say patches you always associate it with a tear cloth or hole in any fabric, the hole needs to be tend or strengthen so fabric will be cared and avoid bigger damage. A piece of cloth needs to fill that hole, but if is use as patches then the appearance of the clothes will be damage. Today, patches are not only to fill up a hole, it is also use for designing any clothing especially if the patches were custom made using embroidery.

What are embroidered patches?

Patches can be now use as a design for any clothing whether for your caps, jacket, pants and even shirts, these makes your clothing unique and cool at the same time. Embroidered patches can be customized, it will depend what design to have. Some custom embroidered patches are often seen in military uniform or other school uniforms for their logo.

Embroidered patches can be done using a hand or by using a machine by the skilled and talented craftsman. This is made using different kind of stitches, cross stitch, running stitch and more. Materials used in this patches can be thread or yarn, pearl and if you want it to shine then you can have a sequins made patches. Any design or purposes for your patches can be done, it can be your name, logo of your school or company you work for, it can be any cartoon character that you like.

How was embroidered patches made?

To have the custom made patches that you want, it under go with a process, first choose the design that you want then it will be digitalized by great artists, then a sample will be scan, then it now goes to the process of embroidery it can be manually made or made by hand. Then it will go to a quality check, if there are threads that are out in the Custom Patches . Embroidered patches can be stitches in any kind of fabric or clothing to make it unique and will had a statement to show your sense of fashion and style.


Many stylish people, clothing brands and university logos are mostly the one who uses patches to have a distinct style on their clothes, and to represent their school and company. It can be custom made whatever the customers wish for, it can have letters, numbers and any patterns, it can also create different shapes depend on the customers wish. To know more and see more about how custom embroidered patches are made you can visit

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