Benefits of Smart Technology Toilet

Posted by amandacian on May 20th, 2019

Just like smart computer and smart phones, the smart toilet understands your needs through its senses. The smart toilets are very useful and time saving, but they are not inexpensive. The targeted customers for smart toilet are rich people and not the middle or low class.

Smart Toilet: Features and Pricing

Smart Toilet is the best small toilet with less requirement of space in bathroom. It has some cool features like automatic spraying, air drier, heated seating and much more. The smart toilet functions through its sensors which make the user experience quite different than regular toilet. Here we provide all special features of a smart toilet as follows:

  • Night Light
  • Water Sprayer
  • Air Drier
  • Built-In Sensors for Plumbing Issues
  • Remote Control
  • Foot Warmer
  • Slow Closing Lid
  • Massaging Bidet Wash
  • Bluetooth and MP3 Songs Playing Compatibility
  • Heated Seat
  • Emergency Flushing when Electricity is gone
  • Instant Cleaning of Toilet Bowl
  • Automatic Flushing when the User is done

In addition to above, the smart toilet has many more features to show off its luxury. Some Smart Toilets come with health tracker. It examines the urine of the user every time s/he pee into toilet. It is connected with one of the family member's smart phone. The smart toilet sends alerts to smart phone when the urine has high percentage of sugar in blood or any other urgency.

Benefits of Smart Technology Toilet

  • A Smart Toilet is a time saving as well as water saving toilet. It requires only 0.6 gallon of water per flush and still it cleans the toilet completely.
  • Even though it uses half the water of a regular toilet, the smart toilet does not require manual cleaning.
  • It works on sensors, so it starts auto flushing right after the user leaves the toilet bowl.
  • With Smart Toilet, you will never face toilet overflow issue. Because it informs in advance if there's any issue in plumbing system.
  • There is no need to clean the toilet bowl every week. The smart toilet is capable to clean itself after every flush. So it does not require any kind of manual cleaning by the user.
  • The Smart Toilet has two power sources. You can choose either batteries or the regular electricity we use. If you don't like changing batteries so often, you should better choose the Smart Toilet with AC Power Connection.
  • Water Sprayer is useful to clean yourself after you are done. The smart toilet smoothly sprays water on you to clean. Thereafter you don't need to use anything, because the toilet will apply air drier to dry your skin from water.
  • Smart Toilet will not have clogging issues. It will maintain the water level low in the toilet bowl. So the water level will never come up and the toilet will never clog.

The Smart Toilet costs much more than regular toilet. The beginning price for a smart toilet is around 00 which is quite expensive. But it is worth buying due to its smart and life saving features.

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