Hazrat Abu Zar Ghaffari (RA) the Makkan Sahabi

Posted by Ady on May 20th, 2019

The real name of Abu Zar (RA) was Jandab Ibn Jundah Ibn Sakan. Abu Zar was his kunya which is because his eldest son was named Zar. Zar is actually an Arabic word which means fragrance. He was born 568 AD, so he was two years older than Prophet (SAW). As for as Ghaffari has concerned, so he belonged a tribe of Ghaffar. Before the advent of Islam, he was not impressed and unhappy with idolatry.

When he heard the news of Divine faith by Prophet (SAW), he at once decided to meet him personally in Dar ul Arqam. This was the hidden place where the believer taught the knowledge of Islam. Dar Al-Arqam is located in short distance from mount Safa and pilgrims who come with umrah package with flights must visit the spot. So, at that time Islam was not prominent in Arabia because of the opposition of Quraysh infidels. So, to meet Prophet (SAW) he had to meet Ali (RA) then Hamza (RA) and finally, his presence was made sure before the Prophet (SAW). Abu Zar (RA) was very much impressed with the courtesy of the Prophet (SAW). He then first time decided to accept Islam and said his Shahadah (I bear witness that there is no god but Allah-Almighty and Muhammad (saw) is His Servant and Messenger).

At embracing Islam, strict action was taken against him from the Quraysh even he was hung a few days and tortured badly. However, he remained steadfast and was rescued by Al-Abas Abdul Mutlib (RA) all times whenever he was curled by infidels. Finally, Prophet (SAW) called him and satisfied him by saying that he must go to his tribe and hide his faith until Muslims migrate from Makkah to Madinah. Thus, he went back in his tribe and invited his family to enter the circle of Islam, so his brother, both sons, and mother embraced the true faith.

Therefore, not openly but secretly he endeavored to spread the new faith and soon numbers of people entered in Islam. He was the fourth Muslim in chronological order regarding accepting Islam. He would participate in different expeditions and fought bravely. After the demise of Prophet (SAW), he dwelled in Damascus and devoted his life for the proselytizing of Islam.

He was the most popular figure in Madinah even a mosque was built at his name known as Masjid Al-Ghifari at that place where the Messenger of Allah-Almighty performed a long prostration. Masjid is richly visited by the pilgrims who come for performing pilgrimage either Hajj or Umrah. If you want to see the Mosque then you should avail November umrah 2020 and see the mosque after performing the pilgrimage. Abdul Rahman bin Auf reported that Prophet (SAW) once came to a garden of the Bait-ul-Maal (treasury) and offered a Salah. The Prophet (SAW) performed a lengthy prostration and when he said the reason behind long prostration, so Prophet (SAW) said that Jibrael came with a message from Allah Who sent peace upon you and that was the reason of lengthy prostration.

Consequently, Usman (RA) invited Abu Zar (RA) in Madinah to permanent dwelled, so Abu Zar (RA) requested to go to Al-Rabathah a small village near eastern Madinah. Thus, Usman (RA) approved his request and Abu Zar spent other days in that place for the service of Islam. The great companion of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) died alone in 652 CE, at Rabza, in the desert near Medina in exile with no one by side as the Prophet (SAW) had predicted in the Battle of Tabuk when he remained alone behind the army due to his camel illness.

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