Do You Think Itís Time to Get a Promotion?

Posted by Hussein Alasker on May 20th, 2019

Some passionate Employees would be doing great efforts for long periods without being noticed or appreciated. Some employers wouldn’t pay attention to their passionate workers which are the ones responsible for increasing the company’s productivity and efficiency.

You need to professionally evaluate your skills and proficiency in order to decide whether you really deserve to be promoted or wait a little more. If you’ve really been doing a great job and offering your company great services and adapting too many tasks in a timely manner, then it’s definitely the time for a promotion. There are some aspects which indicate that you’re eligible for a promotion.

Here are some clear indicators that make you eligible for promotion:

   Your Tasks are not Being Financially Appreciated

It’s a common fact that the more tasks you operate the more pay you should get. Experienced employees are usually entrusted with more tasks and bigger responsibilities, which they must grow professionally into their role. What if you realize that you’re doing the same work tasks as your senior counterparts, without being appreciated in any special recognition, raise or reward? Then it’s time for you to stand up and schedule a private meeting between you and your employer, and being direct about your tasks done and directly ask for a promotion. When employees are being very loyal to their tasks and positions, they have a total right in asking for a promotion or even a salary raise. As mentioned before, you need to evaluate yourself accurately and make sure you actually deserve to be promoted. In some cases, an employer might refuse rising up productive employees’ salaries, either for some financial reasons or they just don’t think the time is suitable. When active and productive employees feel less appreciated, then they’ll no more do their best, and wouldn’t give as previous care about the company’s interests anymore. After all, they are feeling like their efforts are being wasted and their time too.

  • If you’re very sure about your skills and attains, and your employer is not appreciating your efforts or reused to give you a promotion, then maybe you should consider changing your job.
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   You’re not receiving any motivational rewards

When an employee is doing their best, the least that can be done by their employer is to be motivated. Successful companies would have fixed terms and time periods before promoting their employee, giving the superior employee some motivational rewards or even speak up about their efforts in front of their colleagues can really make a difference and make them feel very appreciated. Other employers make smarter moves before promoting a superior employee, like giving those huge amounts of motivation and some motivational rewards like announcing their superiority and celebrate their efforts.  These easy steps in appreciating the employee’s efforts can actually make them happier and hold them down waiting the right time to get promoted.

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Most of us are eager for getting a job promotion, but we need to make sure we really deserve it. The tasks given to you under your job title are a must do tasks, you don’t need to get promoted for doing your job. Being promoted is earned if you excel some hard skills and do all your tasks in a timely manner besides showing a great positive attitude. Your personality can be a big part of your promotion, some employees would do great efforts but their personalities and interact with colleagues or employers are weak and sometimes negative, this will absolutely lower down your promotional chances. Make sure you do great efforts in both your professional tasks and representing a great picture of your personality and self.

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