British Finance: Promoting a non-agreement to leave the European Union is a deli

Posted by qianjiu on May 22nd, 2019

On May 21, local time, British Chancellor of the Exchequer Hammond will make a speech warning the people who promoted the UK without agreement to leave the European Union. They are deliberately hurting the British economy.

According to the contents of the pre-announced speech, Hammond will mention that some "right-wing populists" believe that the withdrawal of the European Union without agreement is "real and proper Brexit."

However, he believes: "The results of the 2016 referendum on the Brexit have clearly indicated that it is necessary to leave the EU in the case of an agreement... Therefore, promoting a non-agreement to leave the EU is the result of a kidnapping referendum." He also believes that all preparations in the world cannot be done. Blocking the consequences of no agreement to leave the EU, doing so will hurt the British economy and the quality of life of the people.

It is reported that on May 16, Teresa May promised to set a timetable for leaving Downing Street after the vote of the Brexit agreement in June. Hammond warned that once Mei stepped down, her successor may choose to go without a deal to break the deadlock.

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