Why Davinci Portable Vaporizer Is a Better Option Than Rest of the Models?

Posted by Rajiv Partap Singh on May 22nd, 2019

New innovations in marijuana vaporizers are coming to existence since it is getting global recognition for legal selling. The hybrid marijuana strains have already occupied a large share of intoxicants market. Now, the industry of vaporizers is also evolving to a new level. Digital integration and new patents in the internal mechanism are making them more powerful and efficient. Even the portable devices of current time also comprising the most advanced level technologies. For instance, the Davinci portable vaporizer has smart functions to manage the vaping process in the most efficient way. If you are looking for a portable device for enjoying marijuana, this is the perfect one. Read the below points to know its features.

Reasons to prefer a Davinci IQ Vaporizer

Maintain the original flavor

Many marijuana users complain about the original flavor while vaping through electronic devices. If you experiencing a weird taste while inhaling the vapor clouds, replace your device with davinci portable vaporizer. For maintaining the original taste with a rich blend, ceramic zirconia air paths are equipped in this device. Also, the manufacturers integrate 3 different cooling features for a soft hitting while maintaining the highest THC level.

Temperature control precision

In portable devices, temperature adjustment is a big issue because many vaporizers come with 2 or 3 presetting of temperature. Consequently, you get poor quality vapors that also involves combustion. If you want to avoid this issue, davinci portable vaporizer can be a reliable solution. You can use three smart functions so temperature control i.e. precision mode, boost mode and smart path mode. The temperature level smartly displays on 60 LED dots. 

Long-lasting replaceable battery

Most of the vaporizers become worthless if their battery loses its backup. Generally, it is seen that the vaporizers come with a fixed battery that you cannot temper. If someone tries to improvise or replace, it voids the warranty and also increases the vulnerability to the explosion. On the other hand, the davinci iq vaporizer has a replaceable battery. Either you can recharge it or replace with a new one if the backup is reducing. For travelers, it is a great option because it is very easy to carry a few fully charged replacements.


There is only one drawback in davinci portable vaporizer that it can atomize nly dry herb. If you want to enjoy different flavors of liquid concentrates, try something else. However, it is not a big drawback because a dry herb is easily available as compared to liquid vaping cartridges.

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