What Are The Future Prospects Of Distance Education?

Posted by kunal joshi on May 22nd, 2019

Post-independence India has consistently relied on its education to fuel the growth of the nation and to improve the way of life. Through the various process of evolution of education, distance learning too became one of the important instruments to better up career prospects of professionals and students alike.

Technology also has played a major part in improving distance learning and help bridge the communication gap between students and trainers. Thanks to the ease of access to the Internet, online education in India is now fast growing. The online education is comprehensive, provides a healthy knowledge and proves beneficial for candidates to get better job prospects and improve careers.

Through a survey conducted through big companies, it is noted that online education in India is expecting a growth of the present 7 million to a whopping .96 billion by 2021. What makes distance learning so popular is the availability of quality education now been offered online and the real-time recorded lectures that can be availed at your flexibility.

Through relevant distance education, the employability of the candidate improves and provides better job scope to move forward in the industry of their relevant choice. One of the great pull factors to study through distance learning is the cost factor. Distance education works out to be approximately 50% cheaper as compared to offline studies. With millennials increasing in the job circuit, the acceptability of online education is gaining quite a buzz.

It is evident that online education in India has diversified tremendously with the introduction of Webinar, mock tests, videos and online counselling. All these parameters make it lucrative to enroll in a distance learning course. The most positive part about this kind, of course, is that it allows you the flexibility of time and helps to prepare for the examination at your own pace.

If one needs to have a credible online education in India, the candidate should enroll in an institute that provides quality education and assures a good career growth. NMIMS is an institute in Mumbai that offers quality distance education through their online courses. The courses have been carefully crafted, keeping the current industry trends and ensures that the syllabus is put up in the simplistic way that is easy to grasp. To know more about the courses been offered, kindly visit the NMIMS website and get your distance education certification the right way.

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