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Posted by articlelink01 on May 22nd, 2019

Business cards are an integral part of establishing a business and building a brand image for a company. It lends credibility and legitimacy to the service you promise to provide making it an essential marketing tool. They are small, handy, lightweight, and fit in your wallet, purse or pocket easily. Business cards are affordable, portable and easy to give away, so there’s no harm in getting them done. For premium 16pt business cards opt for a trustworthy printing service with 24-hour delivery option. Design your business cards creatively and avail customizable options to make exciting variants like spot gloss business cards.

How to Effectively Use a Business card

Imagine yourself in a situation with a lot of business opportunity. Put your networking pants on and sharpen your marketing skills. You have the perfect chance to get your company or service to make a lot of money. Suddenly you notice a potential client, so you go ahead and introduce yourself. You describe what your business is about and give your contact information. What do you do? Do you look for a scrap of paper or a cocktail napkin to scribble down your phone number and email? There’s no better way of looking like an amateur. No, you produce a business card that feels decent to hold and looks attractively designed. So, make sure you have a stock of premium quality 16pt business cards with you at all times.

Your product might not be needed today, but there will come a time when the client will require your services. Hopefully, they will be able to locate your business card and contact you immediately. It is a lot more convenient than trying to remember someone’s name and company details and look them up on the web. Chances are they will not put in that kind of effort, and you will lose out on a great business opportunity. So, keep your business cards ready and hand them out without thinking twice.

How to Design a Business Card Well

The business card should reflect you and your business. They should be simple yet attractive and informative yet clutter free. Here are some tips on how to get your business card to look nice.

Only add relevant information

You don’t want important information to get lost in a jumble of words and numbers. So, add only what is relevant such as your name, job title, company name, phone number, email and work address. Add a company logo or your photo on the business card if you need to. Add all the written information on the front of the card and leave the back empty.

Maintain a simple color scheme

Too many colors look confusing, so use only one or two. The contrast between the colors used for the foreground and background should be high. Instead of using different colors use a better method to highlight parts of the card.

Use spot UV gloss on your business card

Spot gloss business cards are matte and glossy at the same time. Using the special spot UV technology, you can gloss to desired areas only such as logos or brand name. The rest of the card maintains a steady matte finish.

Order premium quality 16pt business cards and design them creatively to attract clients with Spot Gloss business cards .

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