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Dominic LoRiggo - The Man Who Mastered the Secrets of Winning at the Craps Table

Posted by fareedy on May 22nd, 2019

On the planet of gambling craps happens to be associated with a purely luck game that depended on a person getting hot or getting on a streak. You view it all the time in the movies and TV shows where a player starts playing craps and gets on a successful streak so big that he would end up playing at the table all day long and his friends keep coming back a day later to observe that not only has he lost all his original money but has lost every one of the money that he has borrowed to help keep playing on top of that. It can be a fun game but it could drain your budget really quick. Has anyone ever cracked the system to consistently win at the crap table? Up to now just a few and we shall have a look at the incredible feat of one infamous individual.

Dominic LoRiggio was a man who consistently made more money then your casinos he has played at on its crap table and has earned some great praise by being called the man with the golden arm. Dominic through many years of practice has perfected the manner of getting the rolls he needs and in his books explain the physics behind dice control and getting the rolls you want nearly every time. He says to obtain this style done you need to get a regulation craps table. He explains in his books and in his dice control seminars that there's a precise mathematical system involved and it takes discipline and focus along with practice to manage to do this every time. He gets the cream of the crop as far as clients who register for his seminars like famous actors and big businessmen. These popular personalities know his reputation as a dice control specialist and if they are able to pass his courses they believe that they can also succeed at the tables. His courses aren't cheap but these days you receive everything you pay for. Precision Dice

He was originally element of a dice control team called Rosebud and were pretty successful in the beginning but Dominic eventually left them because their bets were too low for his taste as he was a high roller who liked to bet big to win big. He figured that if he could consistently beat the home why don't you accumulate a large pot in a smaller period of time. I guess that would give him more hours to take pleasure from his life outside the crap tables. The guy is a legend and people come from all around the globe to attempt to learn his golden secrets of rolling the dice. To call his feat an amazing one could be the understatement of the century.

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