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Posted by Sakshi Gupta on May 22nd, 2019

Facing charges in a court trial is no laughing matter because you don’t know what your punishment is going to be, and neither are you aware of the extent of the same. In compliance with setting a date for the trial, the one who is indicted with breaking the law is usually levied with a ‘bail’, which is a complying condition to appear in the trial by promising a certain amount of money. Although other indemnities are considered across many places now, the former remains the most common, and this is where the bail bondsman comes in. It might be a case when the accused does not have the money with him/her at the time of the indictment or must be facing some roadblock to doing so. Bondsman essentially provides with the money; the entirety or just a certain part of it. Of course, there could be some outstanding questions remaining about the Hempstead NY Bail Bondsman, and they are answered as such.

What should one know before contacting a bail bondsman?

There are several things you must know in such a case, which outstandingly and accurately needs to be relayed to the bail bondsman. The place where the defendant is in custody- some agents might ask with the full address in such a case. Secondly, the name and the booking number of the suspect shall also be required, but the latter is more often than not unearthed by the agents themselves. Knowing the amount for bail is also important, but it could also be discovered easily, as most of the times it is a matter of public knowledge.

What are the different ways to satisfy a particular bail demand?

There are a number of ways to do so. Firstly, the courts themselves accept money upfront, or they may take property or other ownership from the accused as collaterals in many cases. The court could also set the defendant upon the clause of recognizance, but you may visit a bail bondsman to ensure that all these aspects are satisfied.

Is the money returned at any point in time?

Yes! In fact, the fee is liable to be recollected from the bondsman office after the defendant is out of custody and about in society. But, there are exceptions withstanding, especially in cases when the defendant is perhaps again arrested, or when the individual fails to show up for the trial. In such cases, only a premium is allowed.

All questions on your mind can be exceptionally answered for in great factual details under specific jurisdictions once you actually contact a Hempstead NY Bail Bondsman.  

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