Teen Wilderness Therapy for Various Addictions

Posted by redcliffascent on May 22nd, 2019

Teenage problems are just too obvious, and its dominance can be seen from the fact of the alarming cases of a drug overdose, girls getting addicted to alcohol, a presence of violence streak in the personality of boys and all this are by reason of leading a sedentary lifestyle in a short span of time.

Too much study, work and no play can lead to teenagers getting frustrated with their lives and resort to unwanted and detrimental influences of the society. Higher emphasis on studies and attaining of good marks can lead to peer pressed amongst teenage girls and boys and to vent out the same, activities like getting used to drugs and narcotics, and indulging in violence and biker gangs, are all the sure signs of troubled teenagers.

To help teenagers get over all these odds, there are a number of preventive measures that can be taken in order to rescue the victim. However, healing your troubled child with the help of wilderness therapy in Utah is the best thing you can do for them.

Wilderness therapy is essentially a process of undertaking counseling and behavioral reform sessions for teenagers in places of nature comfort and blue sky. Also termed as an outdoor behavioral health care regime to correct and remediate better behavior amongst teens and develop a sense of interpersonal self-improvement.

Some wilderness therapy programs for troubled teenagers would include:

  • Outdoor education Programs: As part of the wilderness therapy sessions, educational and learning programs for troubled teenagers in the form of outdoor games, writing contests or even book reading in the form of bible or novels can go a long way to check the thinking patterns of the teenagers. Meticulously charted educational programs in the form of reading, writing and solving puzzles can lead to the broaden the senses and curative brain development of the troubled teenagers to think right and straight for life;
  • Meditation and counseling sessions: Walking with nature has the huge benefit of boosting the confidence and self-image of teens and is also evidenced to have therapeutic effects on the mind and brain of troubled and violative teens. Wilderness Therapy programs invariably include yoga and other meditation sessions to calm and soothe the minds of teenagers as well as counseling sessions even for the parents of the teenagers. Such sessions, when conducted in the fresh air and breeze of nature, has the impact of reforming the behavior and thinking patterns of the troubled teenagers; and
  • Nature walks and camping: Major part of teenage years are spent on schools and a very constricted environment full of negative peer groups and strict discipline. As part of teen wilderness therapy, taking of group walks in the natural coral reefs or mountains of nature, hiking as well as the making of camps can trigger the inquisitive and jolly mind of troubled teenagers and make them reform of their bad behaviors swiftly. Sitting near a lake in the forest and interacting with other teens having the same problems can feel like that it's not the end of the world and that seeds of such positivity can remediate their extreme and violative behaviors.
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