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The Best Storage Systems for Commercial and Residential Uses

Posted by yktoh on May 22nd, 2019

Everything must have a place to keep it. There is a need for storage places for every object in our offices, industries, and homes. There should be specific storage places which are meant for each item. You cannot place large things on a small shelf. The manufacture of storage systems is very advanced now and there are very special storage solutions for items which are difficult to fit into normal cupboards of shelves.

Flexible Storage Systems

There are places where you will have to keep things of different heights. These industries or warehouses need storage racks which can be adjusted for their heights. These shelves should have the facility to change the position of the different shelves. The boltless shelf is the ideal storage system where flexibility is of utmost importance. These systems come in disassembled fashion and can be easily assembled by anyone. The shelves can be fixed at any position that you want depending on the height of the item to be stored.

Placing Items of Different Heights

The boltless shelves offer yet another flexibility. You can store items of different heights on the same level. The shelves come in two or three parts so that you can remove one part and store items of more height. This shelf will serve the purpose of two shelves. Because of their flexible nature, they find use in various warehouses and industries. These shelves are very strong and won’t shake or wobble.

Mesh Racks

The mesh racks allow air circulation between the various racks. You can place items which may need to be open at the bottom. The mesh is strong while leaving space for air to hit the bottom of the item stored. These storage racks come in different sizes to suit your need. These racks are ideal for garages, homes or offices. They can be assembled easily. You can fix the shelves at different heights leaving the rack flexible for any use. The racks are coated to prevent corrosion. They come in strong welded steel.

Racking Systems That Use Space Wisely

In warehouses, you need to use all the space that is available. You will have to use the space until the top of the warehouse. There are convenient racking systems which will help you use all the space in the warehouse by placing items one above the other. This helps in maximum use of the horizontal space available in the warehouse. There are different types of racking like clip model and bolt model.

These racking systems have beams which are fitted to upright frames. These beams act as the shelf on which materials can be placed. These open shelves also allow light to fall on all the shelves. The height of the shelves can be adjusted allowing you to place materials of different sizes.

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