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Posted by basshopper on May 23rd, 2019

Internet networks that expand into all regions And the declining smartphone price has increased new users in the internet world Which may develop into new customers of many businesses Today we come to get to know all 3 new internet users. The purpose of using Including marketing strategies to win the hearts of these users.

Not a far away person, think of our own adult relatives, whether parents, aunts, or a lot of people who have a line group of family members would have received line messages. Hello Tuesday With beautiful flowers, bright colors, some days sending health care methods with herbs Blender Juice Treatment Formula Or even declining oil prices Which most of the internet use of this group is for communication and entertainment Connect family relationships and friends,click tracker.

Users who have recently had the opportunity to enter the internet world in the provinces When using the internet, the cost is quite high. In addition to network systems that have access to the area Users also need to have a computer to connect to the system as well. Unlike nowadays, users simply have a smartphone and have internet access to almost every area, whether 3G/4G or WiFi. With a significantly lower cost, this group of Internet users is rapidly expanding. With examples of internet usage patterns, such as for entertainment, listening to music, watching videos, reading news and using to contact relatives in different provinces.

Online trader From an easier internet connection Including the cheaper service fee Therefore there are merchants The trader, whether the old face and the new face in the commercial world Turned to be a merchant A new trader on the internet to make money.

when we know who our target audience is And how to use the internet This time we see that What are the marketing strategies that will satisfy our target audience?

Send information toCan be seen that these three groups of users There is one similarity: a group of users who have never used the internet before. Not familiar with the use of technology And computer Therefore, marketing of products on the internet Therefore, the target group should be able to access information as easily as possible. In such a way that it can be seen immediately.

Easy to useIn the part of the platform to create a market for merchants And online trader Should design the system to be the most easy to use, straightforward, not complicated. However, in addition to the instructions for use on the page, it is also necessary to have a channel for customers to contact the customer support staff who are helping through the phone. And answer questions when having problems in use

Free These target groups often pay attention to costs. And quite careful with spending on the internet As can be seen from the use of services, most are on the Free Service, whether it is LINE, Facebook, YouTube or behavior that changes from using the phone to use LINE call or Facetime. Therefore, the Business Model to generate revenue May consider using a revenue plan from other channels such as advertising costs instead of directly collecting from users And if it is an online product purchase There should be a payment channel through the counter service. And bank transfers as well Because these users are often not using credit cards.

Advertising through entertainmentUse pictures, music or VDO to draw attention from the target group. Instead of describing the properties of the product with a lot of text, it can be seen from the popularity of sharing beautiful pictures or video clips via LINE or on Facebook. In addition, using celebrities, entertainment news, as well as popular news streams is another way. That helps attract attention as well. However, with the amount of products offered in the online world is increasing every day. The product itself is still necessary to create strengths. And focus on the strengths to make customers more easily recognize the brand. In addition, if we put cool creativity into it, the target group will be more interested in our work.

Because that person said good This brother said that it was so cheap that the communication that would be forwarded to these target groups Should use language that is easy to understand Like having friends or relatives to tell you We can see many examples on Social, whether it is marketing via Net Idol or creating a LINE group to exchange ideas among users.

Changes in the internet world occur in the blink of an eye. The popularity of customers is also We need to regularly analyze the market. And customers Including monitoring the flow to anticipate future needs And adjust the strategy accordingly.

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