3 Insider Tips For Betting on College Football

Posted by James Cooper on May 23rd, 2019

If you are not betting on your favorite sports, you should be betting on college football.  NFL tops the choice with bettors, but college football stands second and continues to grow in and grow out.  But before you start to bet on college football, you should be aware of some tips which can be applied to the college football betting:

1-Are you a Fan of Football?

If you have been betting on college football, you are a big fan of the game. You may be following a few teams or the entire conference as the whole. Whatever be the case, you should try to boost the betting activities in the teams which you are best aware of. It is common sense, as there are too many teams and too many games being played and it is impossible for one bettor to track all of them. Even the professional bettors prefer to bet on a selection of the teams. When you are well aware of a team, you will be able to predict the outcome of their games.

2-Focus on Mid Rung Teams

When it comes to college football betting the bettors prefer the top 25 teams. The sportsbooks are well aware of it, and it is reflected in the sharp betting lines for the games. The public focus is not on these teams, and the bookmakers don’t pay too much attention to the matchups when they are setting the odds.  You can easily find a few bad lines getting released every week. When you uncover these lines, it presents a golden opportunity to make gains.

3-Keep an Eye on the Trends

A most significant difference between college football and the NFL is that the former is full of the amateurs who play out of their love for the game. It adds to the highly emotional aspect to the games which make recent betting trends for the matchups more relevant. If the home team has been covered in the past several meetings, then there is a good chance that it will remain true in the future matchups as well. If total has gone above the betting line, then the trend may continue to the next game as well.


Before you start to spend on college football betting, you should not spend with all the money. Have a separate bankroll and always bet with a small amount on those bets where you can find value.

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