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Solar Infrared induction activated animal Repeller

Posted by aosiontony on May 23rd, 2019

1.Solar motion infrared induction activated animal repeller is using infrared pyroelectric sensor, sensor has something to do with the level of sensitivity and motor direction, it is not sensitive for radial motion while it is sensitive for transverse motion. That is to say, if animals are quietly or directly close to solar motion infrared induction activated animal repeller without transverse motion, it can’t work on animals.

2. Solar motion infrared induction activated animal repeller is using infrared detecting principle, when it detects the animals, it will give out ultrasound to drive them. It can help you stay away from stray dogs and cats and protect your property, gardens and yards. It can be installed in your house, garden or yard because of its convenience. This product can be used with low voltage and battery, it is without any chemicals, it just gives out 25kHz ultrasound to drive them away without any harm to human.

(1)Loudspeaker: solar motion infrared induction activated animal repeller can drive animals by high frequency.
(2)PIR mobile detector: it is an infrared mobile sensor for outputting signal, when it feels animals in the detecting range, it will give out ultrasound to drive them automatically with LED indicator light on.
(3)When infrared ray feels that animals has left, LED indicator light will be off.
(4)Solar motion infrared induction activated animal repeller is with automatic frequency conversion function and light flashing function, its circulation is about 3-5 seconds, it is suitable for driving more animals. When animals come closer, LED indicator will be on and give out sound for several seconds.
(5)It adopts digital sensor head with sensitive reaction and better effect.

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