What Makes Sterling Eye Care Clinics an Ideal Visit for Eye Patients

Posted by May Hettler on May 23rd, 2019

Almost all of us face some or other eye related issues. The reason behind eye-related issues could be due to inheritance or due to negligence, anxiety, or stress. Again some eye-related health issues come with age.

It is advisable to pay a regular visit to your eye doctor. Some minor eye related issue like red –eye don’t last long; hence a home remedy can work. On the other end, when eyes suffer from major health issues like Cataract, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and others, negligence could lead to lack of vision.

One misconception possessed by people is that eye problems could be solved by following tips on the Internet. But it is advisable to visit an eye care clinic whenever you face any eye related issues since the data on the Internet could sometimes be misleading.

If you are located in Sterling or nearby areas, you may consider yourself lucky since there are many good eye care clinics in Sterling.

Why people prefer eye care clinics in Sterling for any eye related issues?

  • Almost all of the eye care clinics in Sterling have computerized high-end equipment that could detect minor to most complex eye related issues.
  • Most of the eye doctors in Sterling are licensed and certified under the board of Virginia.
  • Almost all of the eye care centres in Sterling cater to patients of all age group
  • Most of the eye care centres in Sterling accept insurance hence relieving the patients from the need to arrange for instant cash at the time of emergency. Further, the clinics also are liberal and do not go for unnecessary documentation work.
  • One can find a lot number of an expert optometrist in Sterling that can detect the vision problems in patients by using advanced technologies and also design appropriate lenses and glasses for the patients.

Three most common Eye Problems

  • Cataracts: It is a common eye disease that comes with age. The symptoms are clouding of the lenses by a membrane. The problem with cataract is it won’t go off on its own and may require surgery.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy: It is caused due to high blood sugar levels leading to damage of blood vessels in the retina. In the initial stage, the blood vessels leak fluid within the eye. In the later stage, it leads to the growth of abnormal blood vessels in the retina, causing swelling and scar tissue and gradual detachment of the retina, leading to irreversible vision loss. Hence the diabetic patients should go for regular eye checkups at least annually.
  • Glaucoma: Aqueous humor must be maintained within the eyes proper pressure. When the eyes are inflicted with glaucoma, it results in too much pressure leading to the damage in the optic nerve, which plays a key role in transmitting images from eye to the brain. Many people are unaware of glaucoma disease at an early stage unless they undergo regular eye-examination. While at the later stage, optic nerve damage is severe. The most common treatment is the medicated eye drops.


Eyes are one of the most precious organs of our body since it helps us to see the beauty of the world.  Being born blind is painful, but the loss of vision makes the life of a person miserable as it makes it very difficult to get acquainted with the dark world.

No matter what eye-related health issues you have, it is ideal for getting it detected at an early stage. Again the eye care clinics in Sterling are all equipped with advanced technologies and best eye doctors to resolve any eye related issues.

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