Broadways Shows Kids Would Love To Watch and Be a Part Of

Posted by Mainstage Center for the Arts on May 23rd, 2019

Whether you want to introduce your kids to a classic fairytale, a Disney musical or a show with some historical value, or simply want them to experience Broadway for what it is, there are some shows that are an absolute must-watch. These shows are specially designed with an younger audience in mind. And the best part is that the delightful fun, glamour and extravagance of the shows will make your kids want to be a part of them. You can then send them to Summer Stage performing arts camp and not have to worry about them idling their time away during their summer break.

Here are some of the best Broadway shows for kids:

  • Aladdin

Based on the famous animated film, Aladdin on Broadway is a beautiful coming together of colorful costumes, music, humor and a magical love story. The show includes all of the original songs from the movie, and also has a few new pieces. This story of a young boy named Aladdin, a princess named Jasmine, and a hilarious genie will take you on an adventurous magic carpet ride that will surely not disappoint the kids. 

  • The Lion King

The Broadway version of The Lion King is based on the beloved Disney tale. Children love animals, especially the ones that talk, and so The Lion King will be a spectacle for all their senses. The humans dressed as animals with some truly amazing costumes and makeup is what makes this show so perfect for kids. The telling of the heartwarming story of love between father and son, The Lion King will not just leave the kids enthralled but also you.

  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

This is for all the Pottermaniacs. Through this show, you enter the world of an adult Harry, who is now a husband and a father, and an overworked employee at the Ministry of Magic. One of his children, Albus, is ‘cursed’ with his father’s magical abilities. The story unfolds as both father and son embark on a journey through a challenging past so that they can arrive at a brighter future. Mystery, magic, wizardry - this show’s got it all. Is there anything a kid would love more?

  • Frozen

The famous story of the movie Frozen is been brought to life on stage by the same composers who worked on the movie. The show includes some of the best tracks from the movie, including “Let it go”. Even though the original storyline is kept intact, the show focuses more on the beautiful relationship between Elsa and Anna. An electrifying performance coupled with spectacular special effects makes Frozen on Broadway a delight to watch.

Taking your children to a Broadway shows exposes them to amazing costumes, music, acting, and an experience for all the senses. It makes them believe that theater is a place where anything is possible. And that may even motivate them to take part in performing arts camps like Summer Stage.

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