A few cosmetic dental procedures are now available at dental clinics in Singapor

Posted by Romeo Oberg on May 23rd, 2019

With the modernization of society in Singapore, and advancement in dentistry. the need of people in the field of dentistry is no more limited to general dental treatment, but a lot of cosmetic teeth procedures are demanded by people of Singapore and a lot more similar countries. The modern dental clinicsaimat improving the overall facial beauty besides treating your crooked teeth. as cosmetic dentistry is on the rising edge, the service of cosmetic dental treatment is made available at the most dental clinic in Singapore, to meet the needs of maximum patients in the country.

A well-trained professional dentist not only reshape your crooked teeth but he can also add an extra feather to the cap by serving you with the modern day cosmetic dental help along with your basic teeth treatment. it should be mentioned here, that dental braces are the most liked and sorted dental tool, that helps patients gain a priceless smile without any shame of misaligned tooth. A well-qualified dentist can help you best with determining which dental cosmetic procedure will best suit you to brighten your smile. Below mentioned are a few cosmetic dental procedures available to regain your self-confidence along with a beautiful smile.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening or bleaching procedure is a dental treatment aimed at polishing your discoloured and stained teeth. Although the procedure can be attained at a dental clinic in Singapore, it’s better to consult a dentist first as some people may be exempted from the service due to a dental issue.

Dental implants

A dental or a teeth implant is a metal device used by a dentist to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Broken or fallen due to some accident. The metal is made of titanium and is implanted at the jawbone, where the teeth are missing under supervision of a well-experienced dentist in Singapore. It is designed to act as a tooth root and hold the artificial teeth implanted later. Unlike a dental bridge, it’s permanent in nature.

Dental veneers

It is quite an effective and most liked cosmetic dental treatment, which aims at the use of veneers that are thin shells made up of composite material. The application of the procedure is made at a few well-equippedmodern dental care clinics in Singapore. The purpose of using a veneer is to treat dental conditions like crooked teeth, discoloured teeth, and space removal between teeth.

Braces and dental implants

Getting a dental implant sometimes may not be enough to meet your need, hence may require some orthodontic treatment even after a dental implant procedure. Here the patient generally inquiriesto a dentist in Singaporeabout whether implants are compatible with dental braces. In some cases, the patients face no problem with the above-mentioned combination of teeth treatment. Whereas the condition may vary depending upon the severityand complexity of the patient’s condition.

If you require both a dental and orthodontic treatment simultaneously, then it is better to first get the braces fixed and then proceed to the process of dental implant. It is so because the tooth implanted doesn’t have its own ligament hence there remains no scope of teeth realignment. The dental braces, therefore, creates the required space for new tooth and help correct the position of the surrounding teeth roots to its correct position.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are caps that are made to fit your full teeth made of porcelain and metal for biting purpose. In cosmetic dentistry dental crowns are implanted by the dentist to treat poorly shaped and decayed teeth. Besides, it can also help you with dental gaps.

Teeth shaping

 The cosmetic dental procedure of teeth shaping or enamel shaping aims at shaping the teeth either by removing or filling some of the enamel. The dental treatment is available at a few 24-hourdental clinics that are well equipped with modern tools and equipment.


The above discussed cosmetic dental treatmentsoffered by a dental surgeon inSingaporeare becoming quite popular among patients in Singapore, hence the service are now being made available at a few dental clinic in Singapore, to meet the overall dental needs of patients and not only help them with recovering crooked teeth or offering medical help to handle dental pain and problem. Attaining a beautiful smile is the aim of almost all individuals nowadays to walk simultaneously with the need of society.

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