Laundry service: What is dry cleaning?

Posted by markwahlbargg on May 24th, 2019

Sometimes our favorite garments have required a special wash. Stains or dirt have been the essential reasons to use dry cleaning.

What is dry cleaning?

It is a technique in which special products are used to remove dirt or stains from garments. You can use dry cleaning for items made of acetate fibers, leather, rayon, suede, delicate lace, and even special folds or stitches.

The liquids used do not contain water and dissolve grease, oils and other types of stains. Therefore, they do not penetrate the fibers of the fabrics, which prevent discoloration or deformation. If you want professional like wash, do not hesitate to contact Commercial Laundry.

The washing process:

The dry cleaning process begins with the pretreatment of stains by special substances that are used exclusively in laundries.

Then, it begins with the penetration of stains with special inputs to remove them. The process is similar to washing with water; the difference is that in this case the garments are placed in a large washing machine. During the process, special liquids are filtered. Finally, the clothes are placed in a special machine for drying.

This technique makes the spots disappear in their entirety. The delivery time will depend on the volume of garments that have been washed.

Steps for dry cleaning:

  • Check the garment label: In this way, you can observe the washing instructions. So allow a proper washing technique.
  • Sort the garments according to the type of fabric, the color and the degree of dirt.
  • Take the garments to specialists in dry cleaning.

To finish, it is recommended to use dry cleaning on fabrics such as rayon or polyester. In the case of two-piece suits, professionals in the laundry service advise taking it to be washed immediately, although we only have one stain.

Now that you know how the dry cleaning technique is, all your delicate items will look like new.

Remember that dry-cleaned garments need to be kept away from some substances used in the home, such as perfumes, lotions, deodorants or antiperspirants since they contain alcohol and can damage the dye of the garment. In addition, silk garments are susceptible to excessive sweating that can also discolor garments.

Now you have got all the understanding of dry cleaning. As mentioned above, you can also dry cleaning at your home and you can sustain your clothes for a long time. Or you can give it to your nearest Laundry service such as New York Commercial Laundry service.

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