Butterfly valve application and service conditions

Posted by freemexy on May 24th, 2019

Since the movement of the swing type check valve plate is wipeable, most butterfly valves can be used for medium with suspended solid particles, depending on the strength of the seals can also be used for powdery and granular media.
The structure of the butterfly valve length and smaller overall height, opening and closing speed, when fully open, with a small fluid resistance, when open to about 15 ° to 70 °, and can perform a sensitive flow control, the structure principle of butterfly valve is best suited for the production of large diameter valves.

Under the following working conditions, it is recommended to select the butterfly valve:
(1) require throttling, regulating control flow;
(2) mud medium and medium containing solid particles;
(3) requirements valve structure length short occasions;
(4) the need to open and close fast occasions;
(5) the pressure difference is small occasions.
In double adjustment, shrink the mouth of the channel, low noise, cavitation and gasification, a small amount of leakage to the atmosphere, abrasive medium, can choose the butterfly valve.

Under special working conditions, throttle regulation or strict sealing is required, or severe wear and tear, low temperature (cryogenic) and other working conditions when using the butterfly valve, it is necessary to use a specially designed metal seal with a regulating device of three eccentric or double eccentric special butterfly valve.

Soft seal butterfly valve is suitable for opening and closing and adjusting of ventilation and dust removal pipeline, gas pipeline and waterway of metallurgy, light industry, electric power, petrochemical system, etc.

Metal to metal line sealed double eccentric butterfly valve is suitable for heating, steam supply, water supply and gas, oil, acid and alkali pipelines, as a regulator and closure device.

Metal to metal sealing triple eccentric butterfly valve in addition to as a large pressure swing adsorption gas separation control valve, but also widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power, food, medicine, water supply and drainage, gas transport and other fields.

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