US Immigration More Than Million Immigrants Register for Citizenship Online

Posted by Global Tree on May 24th, 2019

The government of USA has provided legally immigrated residents, the tool to apply for immigration and citizenship from the comfort of their home, through online tools that can be accessed at the official website of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The online tools help the US immigration authorities to harness the digital era and utilize it to help them streamline their operations as well as the legal process of immigration, which would often result in reduced waiting times for immigrants, who are applying for benefits such as obtaining United States citizenship through naturalization or applying for a green card replacement for permanent residency.

According to USCIS spokeswoman Jessica Collins, the system of filing application online has proven to be a more convenient as well as interactive way for aspirants to submit applications regarding US immigration, check for the current status of their case, and  access the notices from USCIS with ease.

Million Immigrants Register Online For US Immigration- Citizenship

The success of the system can be seen from the fact that more than a million immigrants have registered online for applying for citizenship in USA, since its inception. One reason for its popularity could be due to the fact that applicants feel more confident that the required information  is being provided by them on a real time basis along with the payment, as they are applying, and unlike earlier, the processing of their application will not be delayed due to human error or delays in the mail. In order to file the application online, you will need to first create a personal login with the USCIS website.  Proceeding from that step you would be guided as to the rest of the process.  As a first step to applying online you will have to create a personal login on the USCIS website.  Online applications help the immigration authorities reduce the cost as well as time taken for moving, storing, sharing data that is required for immigration processing. The online application feature allows the US immigration authority to electronically ask for and receive RFE’s and other evidence from applicants on a real time basis, thus expediting the process.

States such as Florida, California, and Texas were amongst the first to adopt this system and are the top three states for filing immigration applications online. Online filing makes the processing of application easier for both the immigration authorities and applicants as aspirants find it easier to complete all the fields and upload all the supporting documentation.

Advantages of Online Processing For US Immigration

The following are the advantages of online processing for US immigration

  1.  The online application process provides a convenient and secure way for applicants for US immigration to file their applications as well as review the current status of their applications or petitions
  2. The online application process provides a simplified and streamlined way to pay the required fees.
  3. The applicant can use mobile devices as well as laptops to file their application through the USCIS website
  4. The personal information of the application can be updated online and registered on a real time basis.

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