Wisdom Teeth Removal: When Is It Necessary?

Posted by NarinderSingh on May 24th, 2019

Services related to Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne are generally becoming very much popular these days. Now, it is important to know the most important reasons why wisdom teeth removal is considered to be necessary.

Most of the dentists usually recommend their patients to remove the wisdom teeth as it may create a lot of troubles. But, people need to be well aware of the overall wisdom teeth removal procedure.

There are a lot of people who generally have a question about their wisdom teeth and the most frequent among this is that why they opt for the wisdom teeth removal. So, this blog post will preferably answer those related questions.

Wisdom Teeth Cavities

Generally, it is very easy to get wisdom teeth cavities because they are much hard to clean. Wisdom teeth are mainly located at the back side of your jaw and so, it often is very much close together.

This is because both the brushing and also flossing of those teeth often get overlooked or missed. It generally results in increased cavities. Along with that, the cavities mainly lead to tooth decay which can thus lead to much painful problems for you and also your teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Pain

Another most important reason for the removal of wisdom teeth is considered to be the wisdom teeth pain. This can again result in uncomfortable and also inflamed gums. Our gums do not mainly like wisdom teeth because of the odd ways in which wisdom teeth grow into our mouths and also limited space.

So, it generally makes a much easier for the bacteria to stay around the gums and also tooth. Along with that, the gums become red and inflamed and so, it can possibly have pus or infection around them. It can also be very much painful. The worst thing about the gum inflammation is that it can spread in a rapid manner and thereby causing inflammation around the large parts of your mouth.

So, it becomes very difficult to treat. Along with that, it also becomes much susceptible to infection.

Damage To Other Teeth

Damage to other teeth can also generally caused by this. Wisdom teeth are considered to be quite rude as they do not preferably understand your personal space. Your other teeth mainly have space which they need until their wisdom teeth causes difficulties by crowding behind them.

Several problems are also caused by this to your second molars and also your teeth. Sometimes, it is also involved in damaging the adjacent tooth. In some other cases, this particular damage also leads to a root canal.

This small space again does not necessarily allow the tooth to come out and that pressure can be painful. This can again damage the enamel and also bone and thereby creating cavities and tooth decay.

Tooth Cysts Or Tumors

Wisdom teeth are not considered to be consistent from one patient to another. Along with that, it is common for the wisdom teeth that are not generally removed for the purpose of developing tumor or cyst around them.

These can be unpleasant and very much painful to treat. In some of the cases, they are not much problematic. But, in some other cases, they can generally develop into something much significant.


So, it is evident from the above section, that there are a variety of problems associated with the wisdom teeth for which, it is necessary to remove this. Along with that, the wisdom teeth can also cause several problems later in life. Thus, you should consider the wisdom teeth removal or extraction of a wisdom tooth.

Author bio-

Dr. Narinder Singh is a great dentist and has been in this profession for the last 10 Years more. He specializes in oral hygiene and is also a maxillofacial surgeon. With great practice, he is one of the best dentists in Melbourne and providing information about kids dental care and Dental check up Melbourne.

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