Double-coated Medical Tapes Market: Applications and Global Markets Analysis

Posted by Kishor on May 24th, 2019

Double-coated medical tapes or double side coated medical tapes are the tapes with a layer of adhesive on both the sides of the tape. Thus, double-coated medical tapes act as a medium to attach two surfaces. Various applications of double-coated medical tapes include medical device fabrication, hairpiece attachment, bandages, surgical drape construction, and many others. All the components of double-coated medical tapes, which include a liner, adhesive, and carrier, have witnessed development to provide patients with the optimum solution. This includes the introduction of breathable, water resistant and comfortable to wear properties of carrier material of double-coated medical tapes.

Globally advancing healthcare industry and increasing research & development in the packaging and medical devices industry have driven the global double-coated medical tapes market.

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Global Double-coated Medical Tapes Market Dynamics

EtO and gamma sterilization are one of the highly adopted sterilization processes in the healthcare industry for medical devices. Thus, the double-coated medical tapes need to possess strong resistance toward chemicals and water. As the double-coated medical tapes are also applied on the skin of the patient, the carrier of double-coated medical tapes are majorly in the form of a foam which provides breathability to the double-coated medical tape. Rubber, acrylic, and silicon are the three highly preferred adhesives for double-coated medical tapes. Of these adhesives, acrylic adhesives are highly preferred for double-coated medical tapes due to its satisfactory performance and lower cost than silicon adhesives.

The demand for rubber adhesives double-coated medical tapes closely follows the demand for acrylic adhesives due to its further lower price as compared to acrylic adhesives and average performance. Kraft paper is majorly preferred as a liner for double-coated medical tapes due to its high availability and low cost. Global leaders of the packaging industry, such as 3M Company, Berry Global and Avery Dennison, have found great opportunity in double-coated medical tapes market along with some other healthcare products.

Global Double-coated Medical Tapes Market Regional Outlook

The double-coated medical tapes market in particular geography is majorly dependent on the performance of the healthcare industry in that region. North America is the largest healthcare hub in the world, followed by the Asia Pacific and Western Europe regions. The manufacturing of double-coated medical tapes is relatively consolidated in the North America region as 3M Company, Berry Global, Avery Dennison, and some other leaders in the global packaging industry are based in North America region.

The healthcare industry of the Asia Pacific and MEA regions are developing at a fast pace, projected to impact the demand of double-coated medical tapes positively. Western Europe region is expected to possess sluggish growth in double-coated medical tapes market due to stagnating growth of the healthcare industry in the region.

Global Double-coated Medical Tapes Market Key Players

Some of the players in the global double-coated medical tapes market are

  • 3M Company
  • Berry Global Inc.
  • Avery Dennison Corporation
  • Mactac Europe
  • Scapa Group Plc
  • NADCO Tapes & Labels Inc.
  • MBK Tape Solution
  • Medco Lab Inc.

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