5 Strategies To Power-Packed Public Speaking That No One Told You

Posted by billyriggs on May 24th, 2019

Your legs are shaking. Your hands can’t keep still. Your forehead is sweaty and lips pursed as you approach to adjust the microphone.
And now it is show time.
Becoming a successful public speaker does not happen overnight. It is an art as much as a science. But with some practice and following strategies, you can become a better speaker.
Want to know which strategies are the Speaking Coaches talking about?
Read on to find out.

1. Don’t memorize your lines

This is one of the worst things you can do as an orator or a public speaker.

The art of public speaking is keeping it natural and not over-rehearsed.

The better trick is to memorize the key concepts instead of each and every word. This can be done with the help of bullet points, stories, facts, data, and takeaways that you want to be heard.

If at any point you go blank, don’t let the situation turn into an awkward silence. Instead, cough, move around, or do anything, which makes it seem you are going to make a point. This is known as a strategic delay.

2. Also, practice in a noisy room

We know you want to practice in a place where there are no distractions.

But what about when you go on the stage? Someone might be chatting, someone might be on call, and someone might even be dozing off.

Practice somewhere noisy, so you know how to dodge the distractions. This way you will be prepared for any unexpected moment.

3. Make it about the audience

Many speakers, even the most seasoned ones, focus more on their performance instead of focusing on what the audience wants.

This builds pressure.

By taking your entire energy and focus on providing the audience with valuable information, you will be able to loosen up a bit and will also find people to be more attentive.

Create engagement, interaction, and intimacy with the audience.

4. Keep it real

Not only does it help in life but also on stage.
Admit that you’re nervous, say it out loud to the audience, and you will be amazed how that works for you.

Be yourself on stage or you will create a speech catastrophe.

5. Speak with your body

Do you want to know the secret to connect with the audiences?

Well, it comes by speaking with your body.

Keeping sharp eye contact, depicting emotions with your face, and even calling up some members of the audience on the stage. You don’t need to be as still as a rock on stage. To hold the audiences’ attention, you need to keep moving and interacting.

Keep these 5 strategies on the tip of your fingers while being consistent and perseverant with your practice.
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