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Posted by freemexy on May 24th, 2019

Becoming an Electronic Cigarette distributer can be intimidating. There are hundreds of distributors to choose from (many posing as manufacturers), so separating the reputable suppliers from the ones you need to run from can be difficult – but not impossible. Here are a few things we have learned through the years about the wholesale distribution of e-cigs.

The first thing to do before diving into any venture is finding answers and information. But where to start? Here are the first 6 steps you need to consider when shopping for the right e-cigarette wholesale supplier.

The first step is the easiest step – check and see how the supplier stands with their local BBB. We know what BBB stands for, but we like to think it stands for Beware of Bad Bulk manufacturers. Look to see if the company has any reported issues, if and how they were resolved, and if there is a pattern of complaints, like merchandise defects and poor return experiences. Think of the BBB like the doorman to your own club.

This information can usually be easily found on the supplier’s website. If the information isn’t online, make a simple phone call. (Note: If the supplier isn’t willing to provide such basic information, it’s probably a red flag.)justfog vape

You can also make sure the company is who they say they are, and doing business the way they say they are. Checking their website information against what is listed with the BBB and the appropriate state’s Secretary of State division of corporations. It’s also a good idea to see if the company has any complaints with the appropriate state’s Attorney General’s office.

It’s also wise to do just a little sleuthing of your own. Do an Internet search for the company you’re researching and see if any red flags jump out. In this day and age, when a company repeatedly uses poor business practices, it doesn’t stay a secret for long.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD

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