A step-by-step guide to the use of cable machines

Posted by amosfred1990 on May 24th, 2019

A cable machine is a machine that uses cable organized in a pulley system to lift attached weights. These cables are mobile (move freely) in all directions and planes and multiple different handle attachments are mostly attached to the end of these cables. Some cable machines are specifically meant and built for a “pull” or “push” kind of exercise, while some other cable machines have a wider range of options.I

In this post, there is a detailed step by step explanations on how to use cable machines for those who might love to experience the impacts of cable row machines. Even for those who have been visiting the gym more regularly, there seems to be a feeling of uncertainty as to how best to use this mysterious machine.

Why is a cable machine different?

The uniqueness of a cable machine is unlike that of other weight-training machines because this machine requires that the trainer use his body to maintain balance and support while training or exercising. There are basically three movements you can do with this machine which are’ push, pull and rotation.


Some advantages of a cable machine

Listed below are some of the benefits of a cable machine for workouts and exercises:

  • Cable machines are more convenient to use and it also offers a more proper form of technique for a workout session.
  • Cable machines are more flexible, fluid and they take less time to set up.
  • There is a lesser chance of injury with a cable machine
  • A cable machine helps you strengthen your body and also adjust them.
  • A cable machine helps in allowing you to perform a more wide range of exercise and also impacts more on your body muscles.

Some exercises for beginners on a cable machine:

  1. Standing Cable Push

This exercise puts more emphasis on pushing and pressing forward movement of the trainer while it also teaches balance and stability from a standing position.

How to do it: turn your back on the cable machine and hold both handles at the same level while ensuring you stand with your left foot forward. This stance encourages you to lean your torso forward and then push your hands and extend your arms forward. Return to your formal position and retract your shoulder blades. Ensure you maintain a tall spine all the time and switch your legs between sets and also determine which side you find more convenient.

  1. Standing Cable Row

Like the initial exercise above, you are to pull from a standing position which will work on your entire body. Stand with your feet ensuring your toes are pointing forward while your feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure you set the cable handles height at your chest level, then pull the handles toward your chest with your elbow back and shoulder blades pulled together at once. Ensure you maintain a tall spine and also keep balance. You can then gradually extend your arms forward and repeat this movement many times as you deem fit.

Next time, when you enter a gym or rehab center, the cable machine should become one of your favorite toys!

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