How To Choose Your Paintball guns

Posted by johnvella on May 24th, 2019

Choosing a new gun will allow you to act on either range, accuracy, or both. To schematize, there are 3 types of cannon:

- 1st prize: single gun longer but with a single wide diameter .695. The paintball is accompanied longer but is not "compressed" in the barrel. Result: better accuracy than the original guns but can do much better.
- The mid-range: calibrated gun with a single diameter, therefore compresses the ball and offers excellent accuracy. Only one fault, if the diameter of the ball is smaller, one loses in precision, if it is bigger the ball will break in the barrel.
- The top of the top: multi-caliber barrel that allows you to play with all the balls and achieve the best accuracy possible. You change gauge (dimeter) according to the ball used. Result: there is no more precise than these guns

Generally, think that a long barrel will increase your reach and slightly improve your accuracy. A calibrated gun at the size of the ball will bring you an increased precision and a slightly improved range. It's all about choosing the right barrel for your use. In paintball the blowgun effect, the more the gun is calibrated on the size of the ball, the less air around it when it passes through the barrel, and less vibration will affect the shot. Choosing a calibrated gun that sticks to the ball is thus gaining considerably in precision and power.

It is not necessary to use a very small calibrated gun on balls that are not high-end and which does not benefit from an exemplary regularity. Think first and foremost when choosing the reliability of a gun is the key to success, a slightly wider gun will be less restrictive than a gun too more on

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