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Love is sweet, kind, compassionate and all the best virtues we can think about. But at the same time, love has its vices some of which include: selfishness, controlling and envious. What this simply means is that, although love can change someone’s life to the best, it can also bring about their downfall if not well handled.

Most of the time, love brings someone’s downfall if they fall in love with someone who doesn’t love them in return. In this instance, a good example comes in when an escort fall in love with a client who only treat her like an escort. This escort will always feel frustrated and disappointed every time she sees this client with her counterpart who might end up in fights or the escort quitting the field.

Although having a loving and caring heart is a good character of an escort, there is always a limit to it. This is because, if an escort doesn’t have control of her emotions, this might end up working against her which is very dangerous to the success of her career.

There are very many ways an escort’s career can be ruined by love but the most common are:

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  1. When a client loves an escort and gets affected seeing her serving other clients

    Chennai Escorts Models feel so happy and always count themselves lucky when they attract a client’s attention since they know, they will never run out of business. Having a repeat client in the beginning has so many advantages and it feels like lady luck has smiled at you. However, this might turn out to be the same thing that brings about an escort’s downfall.

    This is because, when a client becomes obsessed with a particular escort, he denies her the freedom of serving other clients. Although this might seem impossible, the client can get out of hand and he might become a threat to the escort’s life if nothing is done about it.

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  2. An escort fall in love with a client

Although Chennai escorts are continuously warned against being emotionally attached with their clients, once in a while, they are unable to control themselves. And as we all know, a woman can be very dangerous when she is in love. When some escorts fall in love with a client, they will either pick a fight with her counterparts who try to come her way or she might be unable to serve other clients as she ought to.

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