A Simple Six-step Guide for Artificial Grass Installation Irvin | ToughTurfSocal

Posted by emicorn on May 26th, 2019

Artificial grass is an easy and hassle-free way to ensure a lush green lawn, which make for a mood lifting embellishment to your home or office decor. But artificial grass installation is not as easy as it may sound. While it is recommended to hire professional services for a smooth and cost effective artificial grass installation Irvin, if you are in mood of doing it yourself our quick guide will surely help you to complete the process.

Follow the below guide and your artificial grass Irvin will be installed properly.

1. Assess The Height and Length - The foremost step when installing artificial grass is to assess the soil base, and understand your requirement in terms of the height and length that grass layer will sit at.

2. Once you know your grass requirement, get ready the required tools and equipment. We hope you have already bought high quality artificial grass considering your requirement. The list of equipment you may require will definitely include geotextiles weed killer, a turf cutter, tape, glue and a knife and other necessary.

3. Clean The Area Meticulously - To ensure the grass is laid out flawlessly, you need to clean and clear the area thoroughly and meticulously. Make sure all the debris is removed properly and there is no dump or hole in any corner.

4. Place down the required amount (a minimum of 40mm) of sharp and compacted sand. Make sure the sand is too dry. You can add some wet sand if you feel it so.

If the area doesn't get equal and compact even after your hard attempt, you can also use a vibrating plate or roller. These equipments can be hired from the market.

5. Once the space is settled, design your grass layout and draw it on the designated area. Cut the grass neatly using a sharp Stanley knife and roll it out carefully. Take extra measures to keep the leveling work intact. Distribute the grass turf evenly in a pre decided direction.

In case you plan to add an edge (timber or any other), you should do it before you go for artificial grass turf installation Irvine. One thing you should keep in mind is that the edging should be higher than the final grass line. Otherwise there will an obstruction when the water is running off the turf.

6. The next important step in artificial grass installation Irvin is to compose the joins of your grass. Follow the instrument on the grass packaging and use high quality outdoor tape and glue. Lay the tap and apply the adhesive, and then pull the grass edge together while putting some pressure through some heavy stone or wood piece. The landscaping pins can be used to fit in the grass well.

May be during the installation process, the fiber gets a bit flat. So brush against the pile to bring the grass fiber upright. Hopefully the grass is well laid out now and you are ready to enjoy a green, beautiful artificial grass Irvin lawn.

The process may be a tad too complex and tiresome for those doing it first time, besides many ends up paying more and not getting their desired results. Therefore we recommend you to hire a professional company like ToughTurfSocal.com for easy, stress-free installation.

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