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Posted by basshopper on May 26th, 2019

Reddit is a website where you will find content on any subject. It has a very active community on the Internet, which shares the interesting links it finds and discusses about it. In addition, vote for or against the publications and comments of other users.

The possibility of sharing interesting content describes it as a news aggregation. As well as a place to find interesting information. As a social network, it allows creating communities around a particular topic. If you like travel you can join one of the many subreddits that will give you tips and news about popular destinations.

Your forum feature is in the discussions that arise around a publication. This interaction is one of the most important features of the web. It will give strength to your user by letting you know and, if you make interesting comments, you win votes.

Four basic concepts of Reddit that you should know if you are starting or plan to start using it:

Subreddits : are subcategories within Reddit. That is, the communities where a specific topic is discussed, such as marketing, books, sports, fashion, etc. Some are very popular and have a lot of users and visits; others attract smaller but dedicated groups.
Votes for and against : the platform has a system that allows users to vote for the content they like. But, you can also vote against. The score of each publication is averaged and this is how it is positioned or not among the main news.

Karma : is the reward you receive when you contribute to the community, it is based on what other users think of you. If you publish content that others value, you receive points in favour and you generate trust. You also get karma from comments in other publications.

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Reddit gold : is the premium program for members that unlocks new features. Users can also give Reddit gold when they make a very valuable post or comment.

How to start at Reddit
If you work in marketing, you may have heard of this platform. But, despite the advantages it has, there are still few who know how to take advantage of it. One of its best virtues is that Reddit is a great source of traffic, with users who are potential customers. Which is good for both the marketing and the SEO of your website or blog.

Despite the above, you have to be careful when it comes to promoting your business in this network. The rules against spam are quite hard and you have a team that is pending to enforce them. Publish varied content, not only from your site, and in the appropriate subreddits; participate in conversations and read carefully the rules of each category.

Upon entering for the first time you will notice that most of the publications are in English. However, there are also subreddits in Spanish, do a search to find the ones that interest you. The Hispanic community on the platform has grown and now you will also find Reddit instructions in Spanish to understand it better.

To understand how to use Reddit, start by knowing how it works. The users of the platform are called redditors. Everyone can publish content in their profile or subcategories. You can also comment and vote on any other story.

The content that gets the most votes will be positioned better and can reach the main page of Reddit. But, if it does not reach the main news, it can still be positioned in the published subreddit.

Do not expect immediate results, publish timeless content. And while it reaches users, comment and vote for other publications. Dedicate at least half an hour daily to explore the community and participate.

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