Vaping Basics: How to Choose the Right Liquid Vape Juice

Posted by Radmin on May 26th, 2019

The term vaping refers to using a handheld mechanism called an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette. It’s known as a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes or tobacco. Choosing a liquid vape juice in Providence, RI can be challenging if you're just starting to use one. This article will walk you through the 3 main ingredients of an e-liquid to help you choose which one is right for you.

PG or VG Ratio

The base solution of an e-liquid is PG or VG. PG stands for propylene glycol, and VG is vegetable glycol. Both are colorless and odorless liquids. PG produces a weak vapor but provides more flavor while VG has a slightly sweet taste and produces clouds of vapor.

Most vapers have a favorite PG or VG ratio, which depends on the vaping device they use or their preferences. Because of the differences in qualities, manufacturers are producing e-liquids that come in either an all-PG base, all-VG, or a combination of 2 in varying ratios. However, a half PG and half VG base is a very common ratio for most businesses that offer vape products as it seems to work best for most people.

Nicotine Content                                                                 

E-liquids also come in a range of nicotine levels with 6mg and below for light smokers, 9mg to 16mg for average smokers, and 18mg to 36mg for heavy smokers. Getting the right level of nicotine content is important because too much may give you a headache while too little may make you vape more to compensate.

E-juice bottles for vape in Providence, RI are labeled with the level of nicotine they have so it's easy to find the one that best suits you. For starters, you can try an e-liquid that has an average level of nicotine. You can also begin at a higher level, working your way down slowly to a ratio you're comfortable with or continue until you can tolerate nicotine-free e-liquid.

Perfect Flavor

Even if you have the right ratio of PG/VG base and the perfect level of nicotine, if you don't like the flavor, then the e-juice will probably still be a no for you. Vape juice comes in blended and single flavors.

Contrary to popular belief, single flavors are far from boring. The top choices are basic vanilla, strawberry, and tobacco. There are also flavors inspired by candies, sodas, berries, and cereals. Blends, on the other hand, give you several distinct flavors mixed together. These include fruit and food blends using base flavors such as pineapple, strawberry, coconut, and cream. There are also cocktail and alcohol-inspired flavors like brandy, beer, and wine.

The vapor you inhale consists of the vaporized form of all the ingredients mentioned above. If you're ready to find the perfect liquid vape juice in Providence RI, then reach out to vape stores.

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