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Posted by Hanna on May 26th, 2019


Nowadays you can buy anything from cotton swabs to motorcycles via the Internet. And most importantly, the volume of online sales is increasing every year. In general, now people can buy any goods online.

Many people buy used items to save money. And we can take advantage of this. Everyone probably has a few things that have not been used for a long time.

What do we usually do with them? Either we throw them out, we give them to friends and relatives, or we just put them aside, out of sight.

And this stuff helps you make money. Of course, this will not be a permanent source of income for you, but it’s quite realistic to get some money.

Where to sell unwanted goods?

One of the sites that helps to sell things is Jacars.

What can be sold from unnecessary things?

Take a look around. If you have not used a thing for more than a year, then you can safely put it up for sale.

In particular demand are:

- Appliances

- computers and accessories

- Cell phones

- furniture

- kids staff and toys

In general, you can sell anything. There are so many unexpected things some people eagerly buy. Here the most important thing is to make an advertisement.

How to sell? How to make an advertisement?

  Most of the ads are really poorly written. Our goal is to stand out from the general list of similar products.

See for yourself what people usually write: “selling a computer,” “selling a TV,” and so on ... selling, selling, selling ....

     To stand out from the crowd, it is necessary to interest a person, and not just interest, namely in the first 3 seconds. Our actions!

Bright title

     A person needs only 3 seconds to run through the text, and if he is not hooked on anything, he goes further, looks through other ads. And the most important thing for us is to attract it with a bright title.

Here we pursue 2 goals:

- stand out from hundreds of similar ads

- push the person to start reading our ad

Immediately came up with a few headlines for sale:

1. Change my laptop for money

2. Big TV for little money

3. I envy the one who buys my phone

4. The softest and most comfortable sofa

Well, in the same spirit. The main thing to hook a person.

Product description

What is usually written in the description - specifications and price. Everything. It is not right. As with the bright title, you need to beautifully describe your thing. Perhaps add something from your life.

Again for example:

“It's a pity to part with this TV. My watched more than hundred cartoons, every morning I started with watching the news. It became our family member. Now ithas a senior brother with a diagonal of 50 inches, and they now have little space for two. I sell, almost with tears in my eyes."

We strengthen the sales factor

  To enhance sales, be sure to post a photo, preferably 2-3 from different angles. People need to visually see what they are buying.

    Another good idea to add to the quality to the purchase, some "snack". For you, it will not be very expensive, and for the buyer, perhaps this will be an additional incentive to buy the thing from you.

Suppose you specify that when you buy a laptop, you present the mouse, headphones and speakers. People love freebies, and generally receive gifts.

     Selling unnecessary things through the Internet, you can safely expect to help out for unnecessary rubbish for you. And almost without much effort. All that is needed is to take photo of the product and place ads on the site.

The people themselves will come to you, pay and take the goods themselves.

What things did you sell on these sites? How much did they get for them?

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